Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tabis first letter from the mission field oct 31,2012

mama! so longest day so far!! we woke up at 3am tues mornin and got into salvador about 930. prez and sis hart are so amazing!!! they are sooo nice! we had lunch and hung out at their place for a while. the mission office is actually in the salvadaor sul boundaries, its safer!!
 our trainers came later that night and prez hart didnt even know who our trainers were going to be until later. we left the mission office bout 6pm, 45 min drive to the bus station where we sat until 1030 pm and got on a fancy duplex bus for an 8hr bus ride to petrolina!! which is a different state entirely from bahia!!! it hasnt rained here for over a year! its my first day but man its so hard!!!!...
oyah im in a trio! sis olivera who is Bahiana e sis namara who is mozambique...mama it is sooo tough!!! icant speak the language!! sis olivera is a firefly and just talks and talks and talks lol i love her! i pray i learn the language fast!
anyways we took naps this morning when we got in..which was 7am! took an hr nap n then got ready and walked 30 min to a house that was supposed to feed us lunch! i dont think she was there i dont really know i couldnt understand her haha but we walked to another house and she fed us rice n beans n some pasta! it was pretty good. man its hot here!!! definently! pretty sure i already have a sweet tanline!! mama please pray that i learn the language, so far thats the most discouraging thing. its worse than the heat and all the flies and mosquitos here. not being able to communicate is SO hard!!
 i havent had a whole lot happen to tell you about!! this day is sorta weird and diff then others will be i think (i hope)! from what i understand from my comps, their are a lot of inactive families here so i knowim supposed to be here. i want to do everything i possibly can to be the best missionary i can be. i already had a breakdown here!!! i offered the prayer! i think im just extremely overwhelmed with everything...that and the 3hrs of sleep the past 2 days probably doesnt help either haha please say an extra prayer for me! im not going to complain about anything i love it here, mas it is difficult!! i knew it would be! i cant wait for the next 18 months :) 
 oh tambem theres another address that yall can write to, i wont get mail until every 2-3 weeks depending. so write me as much as you want!! they help!! ill get you the address next week. oh and pday is tuesdays!!!
i love you, i love this work! i know the Lord has something in store for me!! hes really humbling me and i feel like im going to eat a lot of humble pie these next little while! i love you so much!!! tell everyone i love them!
love sister benedict

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