Monday, February 17, 2014



SO..........weddings are STRESSFUL!!!!!!! omylanta! we had a wedding on Thursday and their party on Saturday. They got married in the f√≥rum. All was set for them to get married on Saturday, well Friday night, Almir said he doesnt wana get married and that its too early bla bla bla...mama my heart broke! cuz Nil said she wouldnt get baptized without him. We had EVERYTHING ready for them with their baptizm and surprise party. It was a rough night for Sis Enrique and I. BUT all in all they still went to Jaciras house and we had like a lil fhe and then after Nil decided that she was still guna get baptized!!! 


There is SO much that happened, from stealing her wedding dress to finding roses in the trash haha but I’m sure I’ll tell you all this when I get home!


Just know that prayer really works! The Lord is mindful of ALL his children and I am so grateful for this. I know that Almir is going to get baptized, but his "friends" are putting a lot of doubt in his heart...grrr friends!!! is pday and I think were guna be able to relax today and not travel...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! (super stoked about that!) 


I love you so much!!! Sorry I don’t have much to say but this week was stressful, stressful, and stressful!!! and ended up with a miracle baptism!!!! 


OH! they surprised me with a cake at the reception! I had no idea. aie todo mundo everyone sang to me and surprised me!!! hahaha it was cute!!!



I love this work so much mama!!!!!

I love youuuuuuu

is benedict




Monday, February 10, 2014

Sister Benedcits return date

Sister Benedict will return home with honor on March 7,2014 at 6:08 pm at the Boise airport!!!!


We spent almost the ENTIRE week out of our area, and it showed. We had only 26 people at church and didnt have a baptism. My comp was having some health issues too, so it was a lil bit of everything mixed in one. But we did go to the zoo with pres and sis Hart. I think I took more pics of the plants than I did the animals(didnt hardly even have animals!) Were getting ready for a wedding this week!!! and I am SOSUPERLYSTOKED!!!!! wedding and baptism are on the list for this week!!! really not much happened.

We had council meeting, it was good. I love being with pres and sis Hart!

We have been sacrificing a lot more these past few weeks, and well until now, havent seen much progress haha BUT I know that the blessings will come. The same thing happened at the end of sis Stewarts mission, it was tears after tears after tears, but we had so many miracles at the end!!!! so I just wana focus on that, the end result!

I am so grateful to be here and to have learned the things I’ve learned!! maybe I will be able to share it all with you when I get home!!!

I love you so much!
sis b

Monday, February 3, 2014


This week was a ROLLER COASTER!!! I felt like every single day something happened.  Something that would happen with our investigator, or we found golden FAMILIES! it was a super emotional week.

Sunday was our FIRST testimony mtg in our area. Usually we go to feira to have testimony mtg, but the bishopric said we could stay. It was really a tender day for me because I hvae seen this area go from 6 members meeting every other week, to having meetings every single week there with the lil house FILLED with people!!! I love this area! AND some of my recent converts got up to bear their testimonies,I cried and cried! one of them, binho,  has a testimony so strong, he doesnt even realize. He has been blessing the sacrament these past few weeks and every time I watch him bless the sacrament, tears come to my eyes. he really is a special kid, heck they all are!!!

My testimony has really grown about the atonement, I think that could be one of the things I learned here. I think here I am UNDERSTANDING in a teeny tiny lil way  what the atonement means! read the talk, "the root of the christian doctrine", its a talk from the ensign 2007. This talk changed my life. Changed my whole perspective of the sacrament!!!!

sorry I dont have much to report, some dissapointments with investigators and baptisms, but we are also finding more people who are willing and ready!!!

I love you and love this gospel

love sis b