Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 3.2012

life is great!!!

 This week was kinda rough for sis king n I. when I was having a good day, she wasn’t and visa versa!!! We went to the temple today, and it was sooooo gooood!!! I was just so..happy! sis king and I spent over 20 min in the celestial room! I couldn’t stop smiling. I know that the Lord hears our prayers! it really is amazing all of the experiences I’ve had here, just little ones that let me know that the Lord is listening!

I sang a duet with elder olson(in my district) and his voice is so amazing! we sang all creatures of our god and king (my favoritest song ever!!!) and we did it before our big devotional tues nite. I prayed that I could sing like an angel and invite the spirit and I really feel like we did!!! I loved it! we sang in portuguese big deal lol jk I love to sing, though. I feel like it really invites the spirit.

We had our halfway mark interviews and br. Bingham told me that the next 4 weeks is not for me to learn the language, but for me to figure out how to invite the spirit into my life and how to use the companionship of the spirit! so I’m going to really strive for that. our brasilian companions left Tuesday. They got up at 230am to leave at 5am....guess who didn’t get any sleep...yupp! yours truly!!! it really is amazing though, remember how I told you that I asked for a blessing for my sleep and ear. well seriously since that blessing, I’ve felt so much better. I haven’t slept any longer or any better, but it really is amazing that I don’t feel tired. I do but I have energy to do the things I need to, so if I feel like this every day, then I will be alright!

irmao viana, one of our teachers is hilarious! he likes to joke around; well, remember how my companion is sister king? when I have my hair down and curly (frizzy cuz wer in brasil) its really poofy. irmao viana puts us next to each other and says guess what movie!!!!........haha yupp. lion king! it’s actually pretty funny! also, he was trying to call me a little girl. like a lil cute girl and he called me fofina! the way he explained it, though was chubby! it was so funny. he basically called me a cute chubby little girl lol he also has an Idaho potato tie!!! I love it!

The language is...coming along. I still somehow manage to mess up things I say! and it’s not just a little bit, they always somehow are inappropriate haha i try to talk to my teachers and they end up laughing at me because of how inappropriate they are!! oopsie!

The fruit here is awesome! it’s starting to get warmer and they have abaxai and mango and meloncia!!! i loooove fruit!!!!! I can’t wait. I keep hearing that salvador, has lots of seafood and coconut and carnival!!! I really can’t wait to go! we leave this month, that is sooo crazy to me! the time has been flying by!  I feel like I don’t know enough to leave this month, it really does scare me!!! gah! I’m so excited though!!!

 I can’t wait for conference!! I feel like I’ve grown so much these past 4 weeks. I really do feel closer to the spirit. I’ve been trying to show charity and love! I decided to pick a Christ like attribute each week to improve. This week is charity and love!!!! I love you guys so much! I love this gospel. I love the scriptures and I love the people here at the mtc. Thank you for your support.

Tell everyone I love them! I wish I could write to everyone to say thank you. My heart gets so full thinking about all of the support and friends back home! i lovelovelove you!! eu amo vocês!!!!

com amor

sister benedict


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