Monday, April 29, 2013


   So I don't even know what to say. were at the house of the president right now typing.  So the works been slow this week. we had a kid go to church on Sunday and we went out there to talk to him but as we were leaving sis villaroman fell and twisted her ankle, so we have been at the house the past few days. nossa i have so much to tell you but I cant focus. I'm sitting next to sister king, love her to death. she's one of the people that I knew I was supposed to meet here!!! were just drawn to each other haha we have been struggling in the area. we have so many good people to teach but its hard because they don't wana get baptized.   I love the mission so much. 
  I love the area. its been raining so much here so I'm white again and chunky haha the members here love to feed us but I'm not complaining! nossa
   I love being a missionary. despite everything that happens its the best time of my live!!!  I"ll have more to write next week I promise.


sis b

Monday, April 22, 2013


It’s been raining here the past few days and it really makes me think of home!!!! I’ve even had to use a lil cardigan here, its suprising haha

    I love my new comp. shes a doll! the work has been slow here still. man feira is tough for me. we met some awesome people but nobody wants to go to church. i really don't know why its soooooooooooooooooooo hard for people to go to church!

     oh before i forget yes we can write almost whoever we want! So you can give my friends my email and whoever else wants it!!!

we had interviews with the president on Friday, i love the prez so much. i feel his love for us so strong and i always want to to do better after i talk to him haha we were talking a lot about opening a new area, we go to this lil city in Santa estevao every Thursday and now Saturday. they don't have a capela nem nada la!! mas eu acho que esta transferencia que vem vai abrir pelas sisteres!! oop´s talkin portuguese! um i really don't have much to tell. not much happened this week.

     it’s been slow and frustrating, but i know that the lord is preparing people for us!

I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot this week. the scriptures really know how to chastise a person and the same time lift them up.   lol i really don’t have too much time today. this computer is really getting on my nerves. its super slow and really....augh!!!   We went to a diff area today and had a bbq but on the way back there were all these lil ants....ok they were HUGE! rain here makes everything so much bigger.

but all these little kids were playing with these ants...eugh! i cant even log on to email the president :( but anyways i love it here! i love the people and love the language and love being a missionary(even when its so stinkin hard!)

   Tell everyone thanks for the support, im really needing it right now. idk its been rough these past few weeks for me.  But things are looking up. we have a baptism set for this week and really guna focus on him!

love sister benedict



Wednesday, April 17, 2013


      This week has been well different! its always a lil rough at first getting to know a new compainon!!! haha i am sooo glad im going to get married only once in my life! noway i wana change my husband over and over again,,, haha but my new comp is sis villaroman and shes from california and shes such a darling! shes got 6months on the mission and actually i met her my last week in the ctm! i thought she was brasilian and started talking to her in portuguese in the ctm...she just looked at me haha but shes awesome!
    Being senior i really have more responsibly. With sis stewart she was senior but i felt like i was senior there too haha but with sis villaroman i feel like i have to lead more, so its really good for me. i pray every night that she can help me!
    Its been soooooo stinkin hot here, it hasnt rained in over a month n a half and well were suffering here. i wake up every mornin in a pool of sweat! its so hot that the price of tomatoes rose up to the price of almost 10$R....thats expensive haha
   We had a baptism marked for Sunday and we were all ready and everything, but he didnt show up yesterday and we werent able to catch him at home either. so were going to work with him again this week, hes goin to be baptized dangit haha
   oh i got sick...again lol iv been running a fever these past few days n was really super lightheaded, im so glad my comp is patient haha i keep thinking about that one conf talk about, nossa i forgot who said it but was talking that our spirits are so willing to work, but our bodies are weak and human. i totally felt that way this week. My spirit is a little annoyed with me i think because im so tired and weak and cant function properly haha but ill get better one day im sure of it!
    So we had a spiritual experience the other day....we were talking to claudio in front of his house and a lady passed by.  Her name is maria de fatima, and she started talking to us and saying really funny things haha but anyways she told us to visit her one day we said ya sure! well a few days later we went to visit claudio and he wasnt there and so i was trying to decide what to do when maria de fatima was walking home we stopped n talked to her, she talked about the book of mormon and how she wanted one again so i said  okay...well walk you home, im soooo glad we did! as soon as we entered the house i felt something really good! we met her brother whos already married(rare!) and we taught him the restoration! he was really receptive and were going to go there this week and teach them, we also taught her dad, she lives with her dad, and her other brother showed up a lil later too. mama we spent over 2 hrs there!! we were teaching everyone because one brother left and another showed up haha and then we were getting ready to leave and her dad whips out the guitar and starts playing and singing for us haha it was hilarious! after i sang n played a little. he said thats nice but you need to learn how do play this haha so he was teaching me a song lol it was really funny! but i felt really good about this family and really hope they get baptized!
       oh yesterday during church idk why but i really started to miss home! i thought it was kinda strange, but i got to thinking that maybe this is how our Heavenly Father feels about us. its only a lil snippit of how much he misses us. i was thinking man, how many people dont even know or understand the relationship we have with our Heavenly Father, it really is sad, or even worse, the people who know the truth, were baptized but then fall away. its soo sad. i made a lil kid promise me today that he would never fall away from the church. We really need the members to help with these peole bc if they dont have support, after time their foundation gets week and starts to lean and then fall. missionaries are like a rent-a-foundation! were there to help them start and build their strong foundation, but the members are the support that help them build their towers of faith!
  But anyways, done preaching! i love this work and i love being here! tell everyone i said hi and i love them so much! and in about 11 months ill see them again!
love you so much
love sis benedict

Monday, April 8, 2013


  Things here are so good. transfers are today. I’m staying here in feira and I’m going to be senior to another American! they are opening a new area in petrolina(where I was) and I really really really wanted to go back but I’m staying here. I know the lord has something  in store for me.

conference was super good! we were able to watch in english! we had a nonmember go Saturday and a diff one on Sunday! I loved conference!! we were able to watch all of it!!! it’s been ridiculously hot here! I woke up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat n I was still sweating! also I was itching, we have mosquitos here too and when its hotter there’s more mosquitoes!

I got a blessing the other night for this(again! because I can’t sleep) but it’s incredible, I LOVE the priesthood! he talked about every little think I was thinking and feeling. it really is a blessing to have the priesthood in my life! tell the young men there that they always need to honor the priesthood! I was talking with a member here and he said that the priesthood isn’t his, he doesn’t have the power of the priesthood. the power is Gods and he is only distributing the gift of the power of God and HF can take it away whenever he wants! I really liked that!
I don’t really know what to say. I’ve been super tired. I don’t know who said it but he was talking that the spirit is willing but the body is weak. I totally feel like that! if I could mama id work 24/7 and never sleep....basically I do that anyways haha.

       I liked the elder who spoke that it isn’t missionary work, its missionary fun haha i liked that a lot!!!
oh spiritual experience! we go to a diff city every Thursday(santa estevao) and well we were there last Thursday and walking by we were going to the rodoviaria to leave and we walked by a church and saw a lil girl sitting there with a pamphlet of the restoration! I said hey I have one of those too! we ended up talking to her and her mom...mama it’s a miracle! I contacted her husband over 2 months ago!!! he’s reading the LDM and loves it. He was at work but it’s so crazy! her sister lives in petrolina, they lived in the same area I was living in when I was there. The little girl told me that she saw me in petrolina 4months ago!! it’s not a coincidence I ran into them!!! I know the lord is really preparing people for us!
    I’m so grateful to be a missionary, I love every minute of it. I’m sweating like a pig right now but I love it!
I know that the Lord is real, I know that He lives. I know that He knows each and every one of us individually. I know that he hears every single prayer. I know that Jesus Christ is the son of god. a lot of talks talked about the restoration and what God said "this is my beloved son, hear him" I know that they live. I know that Christ did what no man could, he beat Satan and he died and lived again! There doesn’t exist power greater than this! I am so grateful to know this and so grateful to have had experiences here!

thanks for the support!!!
love sis b!!

Monday, April 1, 2013


so many things happened this week and i dont even know where to start. the work still is super rough and sis stewart and i got a lil disheartened but we had some people at church and were guna focus on them this week!! we had a conf da missao in salvador on friday! it was sooo good to see everyone(almost!) i sang with another elder and another elder played the piano!!  i dont really know what to say! we didnt really have an easter!!! everyone here buys chocolate eggs kaka so i bought sis stewart a choc egg!  i feel like this transfers been really hard to focus, i didnt like it. i looooove my comp sis stewart but ifeel like this transfer was a lil more difficult to focus. so i hope the next i can be more focused. were gettin 4-5 new sisters so looks like ima train OR finish training. its guna be interesting this next transfer!
sis b