Tuesday, December 31, 2013


soooo mama! this week was a crazy one! we traveled and workind in our area only 4 days! but one of or recent converts gave us 12 refrences and powerful testimonies to back it up!!!!!!! it was a great week because of that!  hahaha i love it here!!! 


we had 36 people at church and it was a MIRACLE becuase we didnt go grab anybody. they went to church with a member!!! it was truly an amazing day yesterday!!! we didnt even have room at the lil house. i was standing in the back/outside! and i gave another surprise talk yesterday about misisonary work! i like giving talks lol man. my brain is in like 20 diff irections right now so ill try to focus haha 


the schedule for this week

mon-division in serrinha

tues-division in serrinha

weds-holiday/lunch in santo estevão/work

thurs-leadership meeting in salvador



sun-church in feira/baptism!!


our week is going to be CRAZY!!!!! but im excited. mama im learning so much from my companion. she has really been a blessing in my life. my companion lets me know what i need to work on!!! shes not one to just let something slip by, so im learning alot haha but i really do appreciate it. i feel like my last 2 companions have been showing me that, what i realy need to work on.



thank you so much for everything. i feel so blessed, i really do!


i love you!!!

sis benedict


Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Well this week was...rough! transfers happened and well frankly, everything has changed haha my new comp is from argentina and shes such a doll. she moved everything around in the house and is suuuuper organized. lol also I felt like this week was just a blah week for me. but it always is the first part of the transfer. 


oh i got the box you sent about 5 years ago!! thanks so much for your testimonies!


christmas is coming...its makin me a lil homesick! lol i think cuz its so close to when im coming home i get a lil anxious! but after the holiday ill be great!!! I love this area so much and so grateful im here!! sorry i dont have much to report on here!..its getn hot!


I love you, lol tell the family i love them

love sis benedict!

Monday, December 9, 2013


mama!!!! so to answer your questions now so i dont forget.....

1. i gota find someone with internet here first!!! but i think around the same time!

2. i havent gotten letters or my boxes yet. i know they changed the address of the mission but i think i already sent it!! lemie check

ok here it is!!! and with the packages gota put caixa postal 6946!

and release date...like when will i be released from bein a missionary.....im assuming the same day i get home right!!! 


and now for my week!! AMAZING!!!! we had 4 baptisms and mama..holy cow! we ended up baptizing this lady and her 2 lil kids and it was still sooo much work! but we were able to do it! and then on sunday they went and they were confirmed and the lil boy didnt wana get confirmed cuz he was scared of the big men in their black suits (good guys dress in black, remember that ;) but this family gave us WORK!!! but i was so happy that they are finally members haha 


also vivaldo was baptized!! we baptized his wife last week(that took forever to get it right) and then this week was his baptism! mama it was perfect. we had a lot of recent converts at the baptism and it was beautiful! i have so much love for this couple, zélia and vivaldo!! its incredible!!! 


transfers are tomorrow. im staying here!! yay!!!! i realy love santo estevão! i was praying a lot to be able to love this city...and now i do :) and sister stewart is going home..she ended her mission and i am soooo sad!! ima miss her a whole lot!!! its guna be hard. especially after spending 2 transfers with her. i dont wana get used to anyone else lol thats something ive learned here, people get married or stay in horrible situations because they are already used to it. be careful what you get used to!!!! 


im so glad bissy is better!! what are you doing givin poisonus bulbs to her!!! oxê!!! lol aaaaand im not even sure i remember what its like to be cold! i got burnt yesterday haha and it was overcast! tell me how that works!!! 


but this week was a good one!!! i ate alot..OH!!! we did a christmas activity yesterday hahahhaa the members showed up and it was so hilarious! they werent as actively excited like sis stewart and i! we made cookies to decorate, we did the nativity scene and cut snowflakes...mama it was so funny watching them all! il have to tell you in person, but anyways it was fun!!!!!


ill send some pics!!!

i love you tons and tons!! 

sis benedict




Monday, December 2, 2013


mama!!! holy snot...i dont even know where to start this letter. first off, I love you so much and glad that someone reads my letters other than you hahaha. and well this week was...interesting!!!

I dont even know how to talk about my week. oyah I HATE SATAN!!!! he tried EVERYTHING to..disanimar...to disanimate us. oman we had every type of trial our way. every single day was something different. OH my chacos broke haha one of them broke and well theres a member in the ward who bought me new shoes because it was thanksgiving an she wanted to do something special for us(they dont celebrate it here). But mama its incredible what happened to us this week. you woulnt even believe! i wrote it all down so il share it one day! tipo...from my shoe breaking, to not being able to work effectively, they werent home or didnt wana talk to the elder for the interview or the night before decided to not get baptized..things like that!

but the incredible thing. we baptized...actualy we had 5 people who went to church with the intent to get baptized..guess how many were baptized...1. mama, satan worked until the LAST second and im not even exaggerating. yesterday was horrible/great at the same time. the baptism was a mess. we had 4 peole in baptism clothes and 3 changed back before they were baptised..it was incredible. mama i cried..i cried alot actually. it was one of those crying from your heart kinda cries. i coulnt stop. it was the silent tears kinda thing. man it was rough!!! BUT through all these trials, i saw a lot of miracles and blessings. we were able to follow up with these families, i got new shoes(always good ;), we were able to see who we needed to, these people are prepared!, it wasnt so hot, they went to church!!!

i was reading in 3néfi where the nephites and lamanitas are battling against the gadianton robbers and the part where the curse was lifted off the lamanites. they were passing thru a ton of difficulties and trials, but among it all they were hugely blessed! i felt like that this week. that through all the hardships of this week, I was being blessed enough to keep working and make it through!!!

I love this gospel so much. the mission stresses me out, but this love i have for these people is incredible. yesterday i think i had my first conscious taste of this Christ like love for this family that didnt get baptized.

i love you so much!
give bissy a big hug for me!!!

sis b