Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oct 24, 2012

omylanta I have so much to say!!!

first off! love you! second..I’m so jealous about the temple!!! I keep telling everyone here y'all involved with it!

um this week we did our first proselyting was soo interesting haha sis king n I actually could understand a lot and I found it was easier to talk to people than I thought!!! there was a drunk guy who went on about joseph smith and stole my ldm and was preaching to someone else about it haha then he pretended to strangle me and pretended to put chains around my wrist haha just a typical day as a missionary!!! the last guy we talked to, Hobson, was definitely the best. come to find out he’s inactive and I asked him how he felt when he was baptized and he was talking about the fire in your heart and felt the spirit!! I was just thinking it IS real!!! I’m not the only one who feels these types of things! and I did learn something in the mtc haha but I made him pinki promise that he would go to church Sunday. It was awkward at first cuz I stuck my pinki out and said pinki promise and he just looked at me like...what the junk are you doing haha it was so funny! but he pinki promised and he said he would go, i really hope he does!!!

I’m so stoked to go to Salvador!!! 6days!! aaaah I’m sooooo excited!!!! um couple things that happened this week. I had my hair down one day and curly...naturally it was frizzy and big right, well we were sitting with brazilians and one looks at me and as serious as a person could be he says in english..with his thick brazillian accent " your hair!!!" it was soo funny! I died laughing lol so that’s our little joke now between us!! also my hair felt long 1 day last week!! idk what it was but it felt so long..I was freaking out lol granted its still short but were making progress haha also....dangt I forgot what I was going to say! I love yall! it’s hard being here, can’t wait to leave the mtc but at the same time I don’t want to leave!

Oxborrows wrote me, that was so nice of them! I love yall so much! OH I remember! for one person we contacted, it was in a tiny lil halloween store and before we left I just felt like we needed to sing so sis king n I sang nearer my god to thee in portugese and I could really feel the spirit! that n the store had amazing acoustics!! also we sang last night for devotional, we sang our saviors love! another quartet. I love to sing but I get sooo nervous when I do!! ok gota go

love you so much

sister benedict

ps got a free lakers hat the other day!! check me out haha

love ya



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