Friday, October 19, 2012

Oct 12,2012

This week was uneventful as well! but a couple thoughts I have....1st off i heard kobe bryant is retiring!!! dad is this true...please tell me its not!!!! let me know!          

also, OH!! my shoe broke! the ones with the strap, the nice ones that were from the store that were supposed to last! yeah they didn’t last a lap of granny walking on the track haha it broke! i need to fix it today! umm o que mais!

Our melhor amigos left têrca-feira and it was so sad! but before they left a few days before we promised irmao raphael that we would speak só portuguese!! So all of that on top of my week was hard! I can’t tell you how freaked out I was to promise to only speak Portuguese!!! I felt like I was completely out of my comfort zone! I slipped up here and there with my Portuguese, but its way better!!! haha I feel like I can communicate!!! miracles do happen!!

I was just sitting there and thought, I should get a blessing..and then elder grigg popped into my head! (I have a pic of him! I love this elder!!) but he left Tuesday and he was in the other district in our zone.  I asked him to help me and he gave me a blessing and it was like night and day difference! I felt sooo much better after that! He said a lot of things I needed to hear! idk why but it’s so hard for me to ask for blessings. I love blessings sooo much! every single time! I needed it and I am so grateful for the priesthood! I hope anybody who holds the priesthood realizes the power that they have if they use it correctly. I have such a deep respect for priesthood holders! I can’t wait to marry one haha.

Being spiritually and self-reliant. Well I can tell you that it doesn’t matter how much faith your companion has, if you don’t have any. Your out of luck! we just had a really good devotional (area 70 came!) and he talked about faith and conversion! I was reading in alma 14 and I don’t know how this pertains to faith, but i really like alma 14. alma and amulek were treated SO bad by the ammonites believe! They were imprisoned and all these things, but they held their peace and didn’t strike back or anything. then at the end of the chapter, the Lord delivered them, the prison collapsed and everyone died except for them! I like how the last verse says that the people were scared like goats running away from two lions! I just read a talk(I forget who) but he said that the Lord will give you courage to be bold like lions!! I just really liked that! also another scripture alma 56:47-48..strippling warriors and their mothers! mama, I want to be like these mothers!!! they had so much faith to teach their sons that their sons didn’t doubt them and none of them fell away! none of them were killed! heck you know the story of the strippling warriors!!! i just really want to be like that.

i love you so much!

beijos e abrazos!!!

sister benedicta


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