Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sister Benedict arrived in Salvador Oct 30,2012

hey so rapigino!!!! im in salvador, no big deal!!! woke up at 0300 left ctm at 0450. plane left at 0745 and landed in salvador about 0945! we had to set our clocks back because they dont have daylight savings time!! so i have no idea what time it is over yonder in the U.S!!! but its BEAUTIFUL here!!! so many trees and life! prez n sis hart are so superly duperly amazing!! I am already so blessed they are my mish president. sis hart always has the hugest grin on her face!!! I still don't know who my trainer is, and neither does prez hart, but he said we will have them tonight!!! one of us might be on a 12 hr bus ride...pray its not me  haha anyways were in the salvador sul mission boundaries. They have the mission office here, its safer!!! but i love yall so much!! i have not been happier and I cant wait to start working!!! Im safe, Im happy Im loving life!! love lots

sister beneidct

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