Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10,2012

te amo! so this week was nuts. conference was soooo exciting! i love conference. i wrote down 6 questions and seriously..every single one of them was directly answered!!

It’s funny that you ask about my experiences with Christ like attributes because my comp n I read that section every day and pick a trait to work on!!! We read moroni 7.45 cada dia and pick something to work on! I picked kindness, :) as far as experiences...I don’t really know if I have one in particular. I have been studying on charity and love and trying to love everyone here. It has made an impact on me. I notice that I am so much happier. The gospel is a happy thing!!!

I was at the temple this morning and the person I was going through the whole time during the session I just felt her presence. I felt her excitement to go through the temple for the first time! I was so excited for this deceased person I was going through the temple for!!!! 

Tell your young women girls that as soon as I heard the announcement for sisters to go on a mission at 19 I immediately thought of them! If I was there you know I would be talking in everyone’s ear to go! it’s such a great opportunity for them! I’ve been here 6 weeks and I have already learned leaps and bounds! Tell them to be exactly obedient!!! If we are, then we become one with God. Charity has been one way I feel the spirit the most. Have you ever tried to love like Christ does, it’s hard!!!! I strive for that every day!

Sis king and I had a really good talk yesterday about obedience. I have been feeling the spirit so much here!!!

oh I leave 30 Oct then I will be in Salvador!! woooot woooot! idk where my first area is but I’ll be sure to let you know when I do go! Last night for devotional we did a number after! elder olson, grigg! sis king and I sang if you could hie to kolob, elder hatch played the piano..I just love that song!!

Life here is normal...getting hotter, but we all knew that!!! I’m still alive, I eat like 18 apples a day thanks to elder grigg...he is so nice to leave the cores on my desk. He’s in the other district in our branch that’s leaving next week. I don’t wana talk about that! all of my brasileros left this week and it was rough. You get so attached to people then they walk out of your life forever!!! that’s going to be every 6 weeks for me for the next 18-24 months! They might extend sister missionary times too while I’m out...who knows! here’s to hoping!!!!

Prayers were answered!!!! Everything I had questions about in my soul were answered! the Lord hears our prayers!! Tell your young women girls they need to take EVERYTHING up with the lord! don’t you dare ever say that the Lord doesn’t hear our prayers, because I testify that He does. If we submit ourselves to our Father in Heaven, He can and will work miracles through you! I am an example of this. I was nothing before I received that inspiration to serve. I’m here. I trusted in God and told Him I would do whatever he needed me to do! I know that the Lord knows me better than I know myself! In alma 5 he talks about having His image in your countenance! I think about that every day. I want to be able to walk the streets in Bahia and express the same love that Christ did!!! I love this gospel so much! I love being a missionary. Am I perfect?  No way!!! But am I trying?  You bet I am! Humble yourself before the Lord! Give your life to Him and watch what He does with it! Pres. Degn said this "The lord will shape your back to bear the burden placed upon it!!!" we are the violin in the masters hands!!! I am so grateful I was a tattered, torn violin! I know the master is fixing my strings and tuning me up!! I am so grateful to Him and His sacrifice!!! I would be nowhere without this gospel!!!

I love you so much

Sister benedict

ps good luck with the dedication! I wish I was there!! I’m sooo stoked for y'all and slightly jealous tell pres monson i said hi and he needs to come visit me because I missed him at the dedication!!!



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