Here it is!!!

It's official I just got set apart as a missionary

See you in 18 months


                                                                A view from the ctm
                                                      A view from her window at the ctm. 


Merry Christmas from Brazil
 12 letters in 1 day lol the mail service isn't exactly reliable...meaning only whenever someone goes to Salvador does the mail get to us haha
 peterson!!! met him on the street, hes a skaterboy...meaning hes in a band and plays guitar! suuuuper chill!!! like him a lot but hes a menos active for 10 years and he came to the talent show on friday!!! AND we sang his favorite hymn as the opening song...coincidence..i think not!!!

 Baptism of William and the family that introduced him to the church!
Me washing my clothes! yes by hand. I always feel like gramma when I do clothes!
Baptism of Cintia

New companion Sis. Stewart

                         Eating a mango after p-day volleyball "Oh yes I'm definately in Brazil"

They made this cake for me half USA half Brazil

Story about the moustaches real quick! Vitoria asked me why Americans all have photos with bigodis(moustache) and I said idk its the moda!! I said that by the time its popular here, we'll be doin sum else haha so we drew mustaches and took pics haha it was super funny!

Sister Yopan and I have the same makeup

                                              We got to watch conference in "ENGLISH"

                                                    My new companion Sister Villaroman
 Goku's getting baptized!!!

Making Saltenha! Its a salgado they call here. 
                       This is my new companion Sister Grundvig we are in our new area Serrinha
                                       a vida da missionária!!!     The life of a missionary!!!

Feeding monkeys

Sis Grundvig and I

Picking up my new comp Sis Mann
I'm training again!!!

This is the stadium where they will play
in the world cup

My new comp Sis Mann from Logan Utah

This is during a service project

                                                           Just a little bit of Brazil for ya

yep, our roof fell in this morning!!! I was downstairs cleaning n making breakfast when I heard a huge crash upstairs, I called for Sis alive!..nothing. so I ran upstairs and it was FILLED with dust. yep our roof fell in! hahaha only in brasil I swear!!! broke my only nametag and got dust on everything! 

                                                              this fruit, caju, NOT good!!!!

  I went and touched my lil tosies in the sand for the FIRST time!!!! omylanta mama the beach was sooooo beautiful! I cried a lil bit it was so pretty!

We had a Christmas party and did the nativity and cut out snowflakes!
We stold this move from Sis Stewarts Sobrinho

this tree is a caju fruit.  Cashews start like this!

                                                           fresh mango right off the tree