Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nov 7,2012

I love it here! its the furthest and hottest and dryest place i could have gotten sent to...and i did!!! haha but i love it! the people are so awesome!! i have learned a TON already, and its only been a week! We had a zone pday and took a bus about 35 minutes to downtown then walked another 20 min to the stake cr! there we had a waterballoon fight and threw the football around! there were kids playin soccer a sister haha it was fun! after we went bowling and that was a blast!!! i havent entirely lost my game!
Im really used to being punctual/early to places and well frankly my companions arent lol we only went and visited one person yesterday and i was really frustrated!! but, im praying for patience!! i know thats one thing i have struggled with all my life, well nows my chance to learn it iguess (i hope i learn it fast!!!!) also yesterday we saw one of our investigators, daniel! on the rua and he told us he didnt want to be baptized anymore, so were going to go visit him today! im starting to kinda understand people a little more! only the ones that talk slow enough haha

so it is a blessing to have 2 native companions, but at the same time it is realllly hard for me! when we walk its hard to talk with them cuz they´re all goin off in portuguese talking. haha i love them though. i have so much respect for minha mae! she really cares about people and takes planning seriously and what each person needs. i realy admire that about her! that and shes hilarious!!!
 It was a rough week for sure, but im confident this week will be better! i look for miracles every single day!! that and just trying to stay positive! the people here really are wonderful! everyone is so nice and most people will listen to us! im starting to get my boundaries a little too which i think helps!
overall, i love it! there are little things here and there that have been challenges for me, but i really cant complain! i cant imagine being anywhere else!! frankly right now, i dont think id want to be anywhere else! i love it here, minus all of my mosquito bites, i seriously look like i have the chicken pox!
oh cool story! we were at this girls house following up on baptism and there were literally like 10 kids there! well we were out in front talking to her and i started talking to these kids! they were asking where i was from and things like that. well i taught all 10 of these kids to say i am a child of God in english haha they are fascinated with english! thats happened a couple times! people always ask me to say stuff in english haha

i love you!
i love petrolina and i love being a missionary!!!

love sister benedict

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