Monday, January 6, 2014


oh mama!!!! i dont even know where to start about our week!!



but this week.. well new years we spent sleeping!! traveling so much really wears ya out! so we went to  bed at like 10 and at midnight there were bombs going off in front of our house( it felt like bombs it was so loud!) we woke up startled..mumbled happy new year to my companion and rolled over trying to go back to sleep haha the holidays just dont get any better than that here hahahaa


we went to one of my old areas to do divisions(serrinha!) and it was so good to see everyone again! mama its guna be so hard to leave. i feel like I’ve spent a year basically in the same area(which is true! 1yr in the same stake you get to know people haha) 


i LOVE santo estevão! omylanta mama. i really feel like i was sent here on my mission for this area! ima change my call to the missão brasil santo estevão mission in the kalilandia stake haha because thats been my mission! i have never seen so many people prepared like these people. i am learning what it is to have this true faith and putting ALL of your trust in the Lord. its truly been such a blessing for me to be here and to serve with these people! i have been working harder than ever to help out this lil town. 


sister mckenzie, one of the sisters here(if her mom is reading this i just LOVE sister mckenzie!) but she told me that im on the sunset of my mission and that the sunset is the most beautiful part of the day. and that i am finishing up my mission! i really liked that analogy because for me its so true! i feel like im working harder and really getting lost in the work! i have such a deep love for this area and these people. they are always surprising me!!!


we had a baptism!!! another miracle! we have been workin workin with this family to baptize them! and so she is one of the girls that got baptized and her sister wants to get baptized so bad, but she has to get married!!!


mama,i am so grateful for all of the experiences ive had here! im finishing up with the book of mormon and moronis testimony is so strong about the bom. wow i feel the spirit SO strong these last books of the mormon!(really good english i know!!!)


and we have been teaching the plan of salvation left and right for people here. thats one thing i wanted on the mission, to be able to understand and teach the plan of salvation, and these past weeks i feel like thats all we’ve talked about! i am so grateful that the Lord loved us enough to send his Son to complete the plan of salvation, because without Him, we would never, ever enter into the rest of the Lord. i think the first thing i wana do when i see Him is give Him a big huge hug, because words cant express my love and appreciation for Him.


thanks for everything mom! tell the family i love them.



sister benedict



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