Monday, January 27, 2014


This keyboard has extra keys so its hard to backspace haha anywho. yah this week was a good one. we didnt have baptism, so that was a lil sad. we have people here who are truly ready for baptism, but are just not quite there yet!! so i know that this week we wil have some for sure!! president and sis hart went to our meeting on sunday!! it was soo nice to see them at church! they talked and sis enrique and i sang be still my soul in english and portuguese. idk why but i think my stage fright has gotten way worse since ive been on the mission haha idk why! 


this week i would like to share just a few things. some things that have realy been on my mind. well 

the 1st one..that satan is real. he really exists. its incredible to see it how i do. sunday we went to grab one of our "baptisms" and i felt like in 3minutes everything fell. she didnt wake up, her daughter(whos a member) said that shes not guna get baptised and didnt even call to wake her up, this guy that we combined with to pick her up came by and said there wasnt time. mama, i felt satan saying that. it made me very sad. satan has been working so much with us here. this area really is growing and he is NOT happy!!!! 



ok another thing, my testimony of the Atonement has grown so much! we were talking with another investigator and he already knows everything about the church. hes the brother of a recent convert and weve been goin to their house weekly since i got here. well he said he doesnt wana get baptized then fall away or do something wrong. its a good thing i was studying the atonement these days because i was able to explain to him my understanding of the atonement and not just saying that he paid the price for our sins, but that He truly suffered and felt the agony of sinning. every tear, every pain, every sin, He felt. and He suffers with us when we suffer. Christ really loves us. theres no way that He cant! I am so grateful that He has this perfect love for us to want to suffer not only with us but FOR us! my testimony has really grown this week!!!



but anyways, i love you all so much! thank you for everything!!!!!!!!

i cant wait to go to the temple!

love sis b



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