Monday, January 13, 2014




I made the mistake of reading your letter before writing haha my mind is in 25 diff places! buuut this week was a good one!! we spent 1 more day out of our area than usual (3days) and we managed to baptize this week!!! it was so beautiful the baptism! we cleaned the pool on Saturday with one of our investigators! hes so cool juraci! and we baptized the lil boy of a couple thats waiting to get married to get baptized!! I LOVE SANTO ESTEVÃO!!!! can I just say that! I cant believe time is almost up for me. Its something super weird for me to go back to the U.S!


mama the area is growing here sooooo much! when I got to santo estevão there were about 17 people going to church! these past few weeks we've had 30 or more! the Lord really is blessing us!!!


Something I’ve learned here on the mission, the Lord answers prayers! These past few days I’ve been praying (I don't know why!) but I’ve been praying to know what I needed to work on before I went home and that I would recognize what I needed to change...rapaz...the Lord has been putting in my front everything!!! every little thing I’ve been like oman I STILL have a problem with this! so I prayed last night that I’d start seeing the things that I did good haha I'm not liking seeing ALL of my flaws!!! but anywho, I am so grateful to be here. 


I have SUCH a strong testimony of the book of mormon and well here on the mission. I gained a testimony of the bible too. I didn't have hardly any testimony of the bible before I got here and here on the mission and especially now I’ve learned so much about the bible and my companion always uses the bible!!! 


The Lord really looks out for us! Just today in about 15 min we had about 6 little things happen that for me just told me that the Lord is listening. 


I love you all

sister benedict

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