Monday, January 20, 2014


Transfers are today and I’m so stoked that I’m staying here! its my last transfer and oh man...its weird to think that. I grabbed my last planner to do our weekly planning for the new transfer and it was a strange feeling to know that I wont have one after this haha but I wont even talk about that!

This week was a good one. We always have a "weekly theme" and this week was the week of numbers. our DL called a lil bit after and said this is going to be a double week so double all of your numbers haha we had already planned that so it was neat to be on the same page!! We worked our lil talis off this week and well it didnt result in a baptism, but it resulted in miracles!!! we, nossa! it was a really good week!!!

I LOVE manga! omylanta its sooo delicious! i gota eat it all now cuz there doesnt have it! sunday was a lil weak as far as people at church, but we had investigators and 2 confirmations so it still was a good week! we went to the house of a boy/guy that were trying to baptize now for a couple weeks. his name is Liro. and yesterday we went there and he said he wasnt ready and we shared the plan of salvation with him. mama this lesson went perfect. the things I was saying and the things my comp was saying was not our words! we felt the spirit SO strong talking to him and at the end we asked him to pray. He said the most sinceire prayer that I’ve heard in a while. he ended up crying and i almost cried during the prayer. we didnt push the baptism because i know hes going to be baptized this week. mama i love this area!

I am so grateful that I know what I know! theres so many people that dont believe that God has a body or that anybody has seen Him. Even the scriptures say that prophets have seen God face to face and they dont believe it, but they are firm "bible followers"! it just doesnt make sense to me. We were teaching a lady the other day and she said that being blind doesnt mean not being able to see, but being blind is to know the truth, or to "see" and to not believe! theres a lot of "blind" people here! BUT I love you more than you know!!!!

see you soon ;) heheh

sis benedict

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