Tuesday, December 31, 2013


soooo mama! this week was a crazy one! we traveled and workind in our area only 4 days! but one of or recent converts gave us 12 refrences and powerful testimonies to back it up!!!!!!! it was a great week because of that!  hahaha i love it here!!! 


we had 36 people at church and it was a MIRACLE becuase we didnt go grab anybody. they went to church with a member!!! it was truly an amazing day yesterday!!! we didnt even have room at the lil house. i was standing in the back/outside! and i gave another surprise talk yesterday about misisonary work! i like giving talks lol man. my brain is in like 20 diff irections right now so ill try to focus haha 


the schedule for this week

mon-division in serrinha

tues-division in serrinha

weds-holiday/lunch in santo estevão/work

thurs-leadership meeting in salvador



sun-church in feira/baptism!!


our week is going to be CRAZY!!!!! but im excited. mama im learning so much from my companion. she has really been a blessing in my life. my companion lets me know what i need to work on!!! shes not one to just let something slip by, so im learning alot haha but i really do appreciate it. i feel like my last 2 companions have been showing me that, what i realy need to work on.



thank you so much for everything. i feel so blessed, i really do!


i love you!!!

sis benedict


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