Monday, February 3, 2014


This week was a ROLLER COASTER!!! I felt like every single day something happened.  Something that would happen with our investigator, or we found golden FAMILIES! it was a super emotional week.

Sunday was our FIRST testimony mtg in our area. Usually we go to feira to have testimony mtg, but the bishopric said we could stay. It was really a tender day for me because I hvae seen this area go from 6 members meeting every other week, to having meetings every single week there with the lil house FILLED with people!!! I love this area! AND some of my recent converts got up to bear their testimonies,I cried and cried! one of them, binho,  has a testimony so strong, he doesnt even realize. He has been blessing the sacrament these past few weeks and every time I watch him bless the sacrament, tears come to my eyes. he really is a special kid, heck they all are!!!

My testimony has really grown about the atonement, I think that could be one of the things I learned here. I think here I am UNDERSTANDING in a teeny tiny lil way  what the atonement means! read the talk, "the root of the christian doctrine", its a talk from the ensign 2007. This talk changed my life. Changed my whole perspective of the sacrament!!!!

sorry I dont have much to report, some dissapointments with investigators and baptisms, but we are also finding more people who are willing and ready!!!

I love you and love this gospel

love sis b


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