Tuesday, September 3, 2013


You asked about ipads......HAH! you are just too funny huh mama! we dont even get cars or bikes out here...i really doubt were guna get ipads! wow thats too funny.....ipads on the mission! I’m blessed to even have a lukewarm shower in our house! and thats only cuz we bought a showerhead!!!! We probably won’t get ipads..it’s too dangerous! 

but aside from that....We had 3 baptisms that fell and I hit my 1 year mark...I shed alot of tears this week. I was super stressed....it was a realy rough week for me. you just learn to love the people here and 

 .....isabellis readin my letter right now and she doesnt understand anything that im writing!...ok jk she understands a little bit :) 

 but anyways, I love isabelli to death. She is 13 ad loves the church. she reminds me alot of how i was!....you know really quiet and doesnt do anything...like me right :) haha just kidding but I just love their family so much and want them to be a family forever! After we got home that night the other sisters had made me a cake...ok it was like a lasagna type thing they put rice paper over it of the disney princesses and sang to me!

 but all is well! I’m still here in serrinha and I’m still kickin! I feel like I’ve gotten so much closer to the lord this week. I know the lord gives us trials to make us humble so we can become strong! (├ęter 12:27)

what else happened...

-oh the lights went off the whole nordeste!!! all of bahia was withouot light! we had to come home at 1730! it was so pretty the -sky without any lights..nossa! 

-we bought a guinea pig for raiane!! They are so cheap here! its cheaper to buy a guinea pig than to make a cake hahaha

 I know the spirit puts in our hearts what we need to say! I have experienced the power of the Spirit this week. There were a few times I was talking with someone and thinking...oman its totally not me talking right now!!! I know the lord knows what these people need better than I do!

Oh yah to put a cherry on the icing of my really rough week I found out Sunday that if we dont reactivate peopole here in serrinha, the wards going to turn back into a branch....how sad...gosh I’m so drained of energy! I’ve went through every emotion every day this week!!

but I love yall so much!!!

sis benedita

ps..were puttin on a play at a school about the independence day of brasil (7setembro13!) its guna be SO funny!!!


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