Monday, August 26, 2013



omylanta...I just wrote a big ole gooshie letter and ...errrr idk where it went..ok...breathe hahaha ok! I’ll try to remember what I wrote!!! I am in love did I tell you that  :) I’m in love I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!!!(name that movie)  I am in love with my life!!! I am just so filled with this outward love for everything! I have been really praying this week to have more love for the people and more love to want to help them out! it’s been a struggle for me still adjusting to a companion that doesn’t talk a whole lot. I’m learning the importance of a companionship and how one really helps the other!! I feel like I’m giving a whole lot more in the companionship and well that’s to be expected, my dear child doesn’t speak portuguese haha but she’s really coming along, she’s understanding a lot more and speaking a lot more!!!! she’s a doll!

So I was saying that we have a baptism today, she’s 8 and just a peach!!! she’s super smart and her mom isn’t a member but her aunt is,(farildes) and she’s actually related to viviane(other baptism)! but super stoked bout that! ima make a lime cake for her! I made it for viviane and she tried it and relay liked it! so ima do it again!!! um what else.

 oh isabelli, she’s the cutest lil thing! she’s 13 and really likes church and the bom. só que her mom and fam is hardcore baptist and really closed off when we talk to her. and she thinks we worship josé smith(lota people think that too!) but I just love them to pieces! I really think the lord is giving me that gift to love, because normally I would have not tried like I am with this mom to even open the book! Which she did the other day, miracle! her dad is less active and is uninterested!(I think that was a portugese-english word right there!) it frustrates me when there are people that sit there and tell you in your face that they don’t want to hear anything because they’ve already "researched" our church. I ask them have you read the bom? have you gone to then you have no idea what this church is all about. if you’ve never read the bom or gone to church. if you’ve never prayed about this church then you have no idea. it’s so important to read the bom! if you want a testimony, read the bom. if you want to know, read the bom. but anyways......

          idk what else I was wanting to tell you...I love you!!!!! I feel so incredibly blessed to be a missionary and to be a part of this gospel! I’m doing 1 year here in about 3 days, I don’t feel prepared to already hit 1 year! I haven’t changed enough, I haven’t done enough! crap!!! but it really goes by so dang fast! were already halfway thru our transfer and I don’t even know hardly anything about my comp I feel like haha but we have grown so close! I really feel like the Lord put her in my life right now to help me! I feel so blessed to be her companion!

I love you so so so so so so much!!!! its crazy to think illl talk to you face to face in 6 months! how crazy is that! tell the family I love them and pray for them every day! I love you all!!! I know the Lord is in charge!

there’s no way this church can’t be true!

love sis benedict

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