Monday, September 9, 2013


mama!!! omylanta about tiff. You know in a funny sorta way I knew she was in the hospital. I dreamt the other night I was with her and we were visiting someone in the hospital who was really sick.. actually it was summer dunn! She was super sick and we were visiting her!! golly I feel so connected with yall sometimes!!! I hope she gets better!!

 This week has been a crazy one! so I explained that serrinha is a cowboy  town right. Well this weekend was vaquejada...or a big huge rodeo!!! We had to be in our house at about 6 every night from Thursday to Sunday...we didn’t even leave the house Sunday! But Thursday was FILLED with horses! I’ve never been in a town where I saw more horses than cars!! haha loved it!! I love horses!!!

I don’t understand why parents let their kids go to parties and let them do bad things but when it comes to church and following Christ and being baptized they want nothing to do with nothing! gah it’s so frustrating!!! 

            We did our play!! mama it’s on youtube!! look up apresentaĆ§Ć£o das sisters!! its SOOOO funny! I sent some pics of the play. actually all the pics are on the other chip at raianes house..  so later ill get em to ya!

um I’ve been studying a lot about death. seems like that’s ben the topic of the week for me! had a lot of people asking about death and what’s going to happen and stuff..   I really got a deep love for this gospel! These people think that death is the depressing is that!!! I went to the cemetery this week and on almost all of the headstones said "saudades eterna"...or eternal misses! I was just like depressing that these people don’t even know that their loved ones are on the other side just rejoicing and waiting to see them again!!! I’m so grateful for this gospel!

Other than that this week has been...tranquil! Nothing really big happened this week..  that I remember at least! oh! they finally got a subway here in serrinha(thats a huge deal!) so we ate there today..soooo goood!!!!! 

 I love you tons! this mission is flying by so fast I don’t even have time to register anything!!!! but I love yall

love love love yall
sis benedita

So raiane was doing 2 months as a member right...well we were a lil short with we bought a guinea pig!!(its waaaaay cheaper than to make a cake!) so we surprised her with it haha she loooooved it! she loves animals and so it was all okay to get her another pet hahahaha

ps...theres this lil girl here at the lan house that won’t stop staring at me hahahaha oooh and put our video on facebook haha its soooo funny!!!!

ps did I say we were having transfers here next week!!!! and who knows if I’m going to  stay and finish the training of sis mann! so who knows if I’ll still be here! I hope so I love serrinha!

ps Sunday... was SO empty because of the 4 day rodeo! we had about 30 people...maybe! and I gave a 20 min on the spot talk haha they were starting the sacrament mtg and the counselor came up to me..oi sister...think ya can give a talk right now? missionaries are always prepared right....sure think gilson!!! lol but it was good!!!


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