Monday, September 23, 2013


   Im in santo estevão..and actually its an area I already passed with a companion I already had :) sister stewart...shes the 1st American companion I had, shes from cedar city! I’m sure I already sent pics of her! We were in feira 1 going to santa estevão because had a few members there. Well its cool that I’m back there and in santa estevão right now!  Theres about 20 members in this city, we have our meetings in a house and the neighbors like to blast their music on Sunday morning! but its good! The hardest thing there is that nobody goes to church Sunday! They are reading, praying, they know its true, but when Sunday rolls around...nada!  also we only spend 5 days there! We travel Tuesday and Wednesday!

Sister leader is basically doing divisions with the other sisters! We have about 12 areas that we do divisions! so I get to sit on an on a bus forever every soooooo loving it (NOT!) but I do like to visit the other areas! I feel truly blessed for the areas that I passed thru! also ima spend 1yr in the same stake and the same zone! how crazy is that hahhaha

I’ love yall so much and I’m so grateful to represent the Savior Jesus Christ! We were watching finding faith in Christ and it just touched me so much! everything that He went thru..for what end. Everything He did, He did because He loves us. I want to have that kind of love and preocupação for people!!!

love you all soooo much

sister benedita



ps did i mention in my area that all we have are Baptists, hardcore TJ and catholics....its reallly fun to do contacts............



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