Tuesday, September 17, 2013




so this week is super short...transfer days! Im geting transfered...but I already knew that. Ever since I picked Sis Mann up at the airport I knew I wasnt going to finish her training! But Im going to santa estevão...another area I had already visited a lot! Im going to be in the same stake..still haha but Im stoked. Im super sad to leave, I loooove serrinha. but I feel like Ima return here! I want to at least!! But I love you all.


This week was so filled with miracles. We had a less active that we’ve been workin with for 5 months to go to church...well he came Sunday! I cried! We had 105 people at church!!! I was tickled I was sooo happy!!! that’s a lot of people for us!

love you so much!



sis benedita


ps did I mention Im going to be a sister leader trainer and Im going to be with sis Stewart!! We were already companions and I love her to death!!!

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