Monday, August 5, 2013


I am absolutely loving the mission. We have transfers tomorrow and guess what...yep im stayin here in serrinha(yay!) and I’m training again..(crap!) im really nervous! but it will be good, I’m stoked! I dont even know where to start. We are super rnnin all over the place today so this letter will be short and a bagunça....or in other words..hope ya understand!


We had a miracle baptism this week, viviane, she has been investigating the church for 10 years and was baptized Saturday...I’ll explain it all one day, its actualy a really neat story. sis grundvig and I sang...went HHHORRIBLE!!! hahaha but super funny! I’m so glad people here arent too learned with music haha


umm....I almost died today! We went to climb a hill with a saint on top of it..its like tablerock but in place of the cross think of a huge virgin mary! well we went there to take pics...I fell about 5 times and scraped my knee real bad it hurts! I told sis grundvig that the saint doesnt like me haha she doesnt like mormos very much!!! but I am so happy. I know there’s so much that I havent even said!


 I love my comp and its gunna be really hard to change but I just love the people here! Its still frustrating when you walk an hr in the blazing heat to talk with someone you set an appointment for and they werent even there! grrrrrr! but ta tudo bem! sou muita grata por ser uma missionária e por estar aqui!! mama muito obrigada por tudo! o seu apoio é muito importante pra mim!!....crap writin in ´port...ask chris to translate!


Translation :    but ta okay! I am very grateful to be a missionary and to be here!! mama thank you for everything! your support is very important for me!....


 Basically I  am sooooo stinkin happy! Filled with so many experiences and miracles that happened this past transfer...I do 1 year this months....dont like it at all! but it goes  by so stinkin fast!!!!..thank you for everything.

sis benedict


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