Tuesday, August 20, 2013


 hi mom!:) ummmm...life is great. Its craaazy! I’m just loving teaching portuguese again. Shes comin along!

um I am just so everywhere today. I’m super tired. It really is the worst feeling to feel so dang tired all the time! Im doing 1 year here in a lil bit. It passes by SO fast!



  Its interesting too. mama. about a few months ago when I was senior to an American I thought. I’m being prepared to train someone who speaks not a lick of Portuguese. Its soo true. I was senior to an American, trained and trained again. I feel like the lord was showing me what was coming. (I hope I’m making sense!) and with my comp now, Sis Mann, I don’t think im a finish training her, idk why but I feel like this next transfer I’m going bye bye! 

   Oh mama I renewed my visa woot woot! I’m legal here for another year :) the only thing, they put was a guy not a girl haha gee thanks! but nossa I so wanted to be there!!!  


but ok I think I’ve bugged u with enough pics :) I wish I could send more...but o man I got loads for yall you can see those in about 6 months :) I love you and pray for yall every day and thank the lord for you guys!!! I’m glad to hear everyone’s well and doing great! tell the yw I love them and they should serve missions ;) tell the boys that they need to go too, even if they don’t want to! love you tons and miss ya :)

love sis benedita

idk if you’ve noticed but im sending pics as I’m writing so I’m sending like a lil bit at a time with pics haha


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