Monday, July 29, 2013


This week was super good as far as my comp and I. my companion is so amazing. I’m her trainer but she really was the one training me. This is our last week before transfers and I’m super nervous! I think Ima leave serrinha. so Ima leave here and have a new comp... but da tudo bem! I dont have much to note for this week because I didnt do a whole lot because we were sick! We went to another city about 2 hrs away to buy a bag...turns out it wasnt even in that city so we went to another teeny lil town and everything was closed!(small towns do that at lunchtime!) but we were able to find a bag!!! yaaaaay took about all day but we made it haha it was so much fun! sis grundvig likes doin those things too...just go without a plan really!!! also, I’m really learning the power of the Lord! yesterday we were visiting some people with a member, the brother actually and well there were alot of people there and its kinda intimidating! The bishop ended up showing up about pressure haha but sis grundvig was all ready to leave and we hadnt really even talked about anything. We were getn ready to sing when the member was talkin to her brother and how he doesnt believe theres life afer death. So i put my big girl shoes on and started talkin about the plan of salvation and a lot of things I normally wouldnt have said.... I felt the spirit SO strong during that lesson!  It truly was amazing! I know the Lord knows what people need! I know He knows each and every one of us! I have 11 months today! well yesterday and today and its going by so fast! Its crazy to think that! next month is 1 year..I have so much I want to change about me haha!!! but I love yall so much and hope the best for yall!!!!

sis benedict



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