Monday, August 12, 2013


This week was soooooo crazy! I spent 3 days in salvador, nobody told me I would stay the night with the president so I didn't bring anything! gaaah elders...but it was so awesome. I went to pick up my new kid at the airport Sis Mann and from Logan Utah...shes just a doll. she doesn't speak or understand anything I say but that’s okay. she'll get there.  We’ll get there! she plays piano super well and she sings and plays guitar too! I’m so happy :) she reminds me a lot of sis grundvig actually! she has the same mannerisms.  It was hard to say goodbye to Sis Grundvig! I cried a bit! but this week was kinda hard for us teaching wise. We traveled I think every day! spent 3 days in Salvador, had a zone conf and lunch was in another city!!!...omylanta ....ISAWTHEBEACHFORTHEFIRSTTIMEINMYLIFEIALMOSTCRIEDIWASSOHAPPY!!!!!!!  The beach is so beautiful!! omylanta!!! I have sooooo many pics haha.  A movie video or something was here in Salvador, I saw that too! It was actually way cool!!!!
   It’s super hard the mission but I absolutely love it. I get a lil freaked out that its going by so fast! I do 1 year here in a few weeks!!! aita vei! but I am stoked too that I’ll be seeing yall in a bit haha i love you and so grateful for yall!!

love ya

sis benedita


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