Tuesday, May 7, 2013


  I have a mountain of things to tell you and dont even know where to start!!
1st off...gained 6or8lbs since ive been here haha the members love to feed us and i dont complain one bit :) its all worth it right. but dont worry ill be skinny again by the time i get home...maybe!

2. I made a cake for our nabors, neinho was leavin for the mission and so I made a cake and made frosting and everything(thanks mom) I made cookies and spelled his name elder santana and put it on top, they loved it!!!!

3. We met a family, nino, valner e vilma! they are golden! they just need to get married and then they will get baptized! I wont be there for it cuz im geting transfered next week, omylanta ima train! im guna have a filinha na missao! nossa tenho muita medo mesmo!!! maaas tudo vai ficar bem né!...oops writin in port. ata sorry! but valner, he asked me the other day that if he was to join the church if hed have to stop listening to bob marley haha it was so cute how he asked. he said another church told him he couldnt and he didnt wana join their church! I told him it was his choice. the pres of the rs likes to blast her bob marley out of her car so whatever he thinks haha

4. I had to shoo away pigs from our porch..they were eatin our trash again!

5. We had a rc one of our baptisms!!!, cintia! shes so innocent and realy tries to do the right thing. well we went there this week to talk to her and she told us she really wants to pay tithing but didnt have money to pay but we talked to her about sacriice and that the lord will bring blessings! well she got to church on Sunday and said wheres the tithing slip..I want to pay my tithing! I about cried I was so happy!

 Some things I decided this week. I read my blesisng I got at my setting apart and I remember what it talks aobut alot sobre..crap really bad english..let me try agian! but talks about how ill be able to help peole make their way back to church and help them go to the temple.  Thats my goal for the mission. thats my desire! I want to help people to the telmple and help families be together forever! I think aobut my family and think about yãll and im so glad to know well be together forever!

  also I love hands, actaully I’ve always loved hands but especially now. Everytim I see a scripture talking about being an instrument in the Lords hands I get a lil weepy. Because we truly are instruments in the lords hands. I love the poem that talks about touch of the masters hands.
  I love yall so much and tell everyone thanks so much. I really do appreciate everything yãll do. The prayers, asking how I am, tudo!

love you!!!!!
sis b


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