Tuesday, May 21, 2013


omylanta I dont even know where to start! Im in serrinha and the place is filled with flies...its sooo annoying haha but i love it here!! Its been raining nonstop and frankly, Im cold!! haha but my comp is a lil angel! her name is sis grundvig from colorado. she is 20 years old and shes so innocent and willing to work! i feel like I ma corrupt her a lil bit haha but shes already just an amazing missionary! on the bus ride to serrinha she already gave away a book of mormon and talking to people! she only spent 6wks in the ctm and it shows. her portuguese...well its geting there! but i love her! shes alreadyhelped me outso much. i want to be better because of her. she told me that she wants to be just like me and so grateful for everything i do. that scares me a bit just because im not perfect and I want her to take the things she likes that I do and be a better missionary than I am. I want to be like her quite frankly! she looks kinda like me too. shes tall and skinny(ok doesn’t look like me) but shes got red hair and..

    omylanta have I already complained about the computers here! gaaaahhhhhhh but anyways back to what I was saying oyah serrinha, the members here are amazing and when we got off the bus I said yes....this is the place we need to be so heres our district!! we dont have any brasilians haha one mexican from texas 2 argentinans and 3 americans..well we do have 1 brasilian...me hehe. Im super happy here and love the work. oh funny story! on the way to church sunday sis grundvig asked if the bishop will ask us to give our testimonies or talk..i said no way! its never happened to me before.  I gave a talk on sunday. the bishop cornered me in the hallway and said o hay will you give a talk today!! haha i about died! it was too funny. but it was good. I felt like it wasnt me up there talking. It was really a spiritual moment for me. I really have had to depend on the lord to help me out especially here! im trying to be a better example and a better misisonary! thank you for your support.


 so am Im doing 9months this month...yikes already! it really does fly by!! but i still have a long way to go! i love you loads and loads
love sis b

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