Tuesday, May 14, 2013


  I don’t even know what to say i just talked to you!!! But really fast I’m getting transferred to serrinha! its more interior and its like a lil town...idk never been there. but I’m still going to be in the same zone and so I’ll still be able to see people here. so its like I dont really want to say bye to anybody haha but I’m going to be training!!    I’m going to be opening an area and training!!! I’m so stoked. they had elders there before and I talked to those elders and they said they have 2 people set for baptism! I’m so anxious I’m eating and eating and eating...I even made cookies today just to eat haha o man....but this next transfers I’ll be getting skinny again, I can just feel it!!


  I’t was so good to see and talk to everyone. The sisters house we were at, I was talking to her and she said that yáll are exactly like me, or I’m like yall one of the 2 Sorry its a short letter. Im on a sugar high and cant focus haha have a million things to do and well...you know how the time flies! i love you so much and so grateful for you and all of your support.

i love you sooooo much!!


sister benedict


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