Tuesday, May 28, 2013



aha man so much has happened this last week idont even know where to start.1st off! na verdade im so glad to have the family that i do!!!

 um couple stories

1. domingo...er sunday was super spiritual for us! it was one of the most spiritual days ive had in a while!!! idk y but the way we were teaching and it was just incredible. i was asking questions that i would never think otherwise. ykno when they say that the spirit talks thru you sometimes...that really happened to us yesterday. i realy believe its because of my companion. shes so sweet and just full of the spirit!!

2. weve been pretty sick here too. we spent all friday in our house my comp had a fever and so she slept al day. i made a soup!!! i was pretty proud of myself!!! noodles and rice and a bit of flavor( all we had in our house!) i realy enjoyed it actualy, i was able to study all day about the 12 tribes of israel!!! it took me about 3 hrs to understand whos who..but i think ive got it down aha

ive been sick since last week. sore throat and these past few days have had a pounding headache. its been prety cld here to actualy!!! ive had to borrow sweats and cuddle up at night haha its kinda nice!!! 

3. Sunday we had so many less actives at church. it just filled my soul with gladness! idk y but i love less actives but even moreso im able to talk more about the atonement and the sacrifice that Christ did for us. we were walking to an appt. one night and passed this kid. i just had a passing thought "talk to him"!!! i said ok and turned around and called at him! turns out hes a less active and was super legal(cool!) but i was talkin about the atonement and that he died on the cross just for matteus. he was like yah and all of us neh. i said yes, but he called you by name when he was on the cross. i really believe that, that He was capable to think of every person and suffer and die for us individually, not just as a whole, not just as a people, but for me personaly, sister benedict, and for each of us! 

4. i know this is where im supposed to be, here in serrinha!!! idk y yet i realy dont, but i feel somethin really special here. i feel like a family here and all i want to do is help everyone out here. we had lunch at a recemt converts house today, stroganofe!!!!mama the food here is so stinkin good!!! im learning how to cook so i can cok for yall wen i get back!!! 


 i love this work. the mission is super hard, super hard!!! you really have to focus on the good in this work and focus on the potential that people have. my comp has been a lil homesick these past few days, ithink cuz shes been sick, i was the same way. but i told her that shes home. shes more home than shes ever been because in reality her homes waitin for her in heaven next to the Savior!!! i think i wana be nabors with one of the strippling warriors ;) haha jk my husband will be one of them :D


my testimony has been strengthened so much and i have seen the hand of the lord in my life. i know that im that wodden beaten up ole violina but the power of the lord is incredible. if you dont believe it....do a test and i promise that you will see the power of the lord!!!!

i love yall so much!!!


sister benedict

ps...ido 9months tomorrow...so stinkin crazy. time is FLYING by i dont like it one bit!!!! I just wana stay here forever!!!

ps...i miss long warm baths, and typing on the keyboard..i miss the sounds!! dumb things you think about on the mission haha i miss being alone! and i miss hot showers! all we get is freezing water but i should be grateful cuz other places you have to put water in a bucket and go outside and take a shower this is way kaka 

love you

sis b

and the mission makes you crazy! i interrupted a dad and a daughter screaming at eachother on the street in the night haha im so crazy! we walk up to them and im all like oh...can we help you with something lol im so crazy!!!...


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