Monday, April 29, 2013


   So I don't even know what to say. were at the house of the president right now typing.  So the works been slow this week. we had a kid go to church on Sunday and we went out there to talk to him but as we were leaving sis villaroman fell and twisted her ankle, so we have been at the house the past few days. nossa i have so much to tell you but I cant focus. I'm sitting next to sister king, love her to death. she's one of the people that I knew I was supposed to meet here!!! were just drawn to each other haha we have been struggling in the area. we have so many good people to teach but its hard because they don't wana get baptized.   I love the mission so much. 
  I love the area. its been raining so much here so I'm white again and chunky haha the members here love to feed us but I'm not complaining! nossa
   I love being a missionary. despite everything that happens its the best time of my live!!!  I"ll have more to write next week I promise.


sis b

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