Monday, June 3, 2013





ominhanossa!! i have so much to tell you, this week was soooo super good! filled with the spirit and a lot of other things! i dont even have nem time nem palavras falar tudo que aconteceu!! mas vou tentar!!

1. Sunday was miracle after miracle! we had a lot of investigators at church and were helping 3 people get baptized this week!!!! we ran into a less active sat. nite and he said he’d be at church, and he went!!! he even bore his testimony and thanked us!

2. idk...this week was so goood! we met an old guy, carlos, and he belived since the first time we talked to him. hes so cute too!!! this lil old man! but he went to church too and really liked it!

3. im learning piano sabia!!!! i was able to play thru nearer my god too thee. And when i say i played thru it i mean i was able to play notes...thats all haha but im super stoked learnin to play piano, its always been a dream of mine!

4. i totally ate it the other day! we were walkin home and a quebramola aparaceu de a speed bump appeared out of nowhere and i totaly fell, scraped up my elbow pretty good haha 

5. um....idont even now..omylanta yes 1 more story!!! we were planning and closing our day lastnite and needed 4 more contacts to reach our goal, so we went out again and the very last contact we did....i dont even know what happened. we saw a girl a lil ways off and said yes..her! but as we were walkin to her i already knew her situation.i already knew shed be crying and it was because of her boyfriend! lo and behold mama we got up to her and she was crying. i just took her in my arms and gave her a hug. i told her it was ok and she could cry...things like that just trying to talk to her and mama...she fainted.  she fainted and hit the ground!!! it was like..ocrap now what! but we were able to get her sitting and we were talking to her.  Her name is angela and she actualy knows a member of the chruch!!! she was crying because her bf broke up with her! we gave her a book of mormon and  I think were guna visit her tomorrw!!! its crazy how the lord really puts people in our path that need His help! 

but this week was so good and i know this next week is guna be work work work but im so stoked!!

love this gospel, love you


love you all soooo stinkin much

love sister benedict

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