Monday, February 4, 2013



soooo much has happened on this end!!! ill start with the...(everything is good on the mission) and end with the great!!!!
the work has been slow. the area im in we need to do more reactivating than baptizing. we met jose, he was at church sunday and so we taught him a few lessons and he was all set to be baptized saturday...well he fled! we didnt have any info on him and was taught a few lessons and thats it. same thing happened with the last sisters who tried to teach it was kinda sad. BUT...we met zinho!!!!!

 zinho! he was a reference dos elderes and so we called and set up an appt to meet him at the church..well later that day we met him on the street while lookin for another reference!!! not a coincidence!!! we met that night and he met the other sisters about 2 years ago but never went to church or anything. but he already knows a ton of people in the church. we had a church dance and he went to that. and sunday he was there!! oh i lead the music sunday haha kinda fun. but it was fasting meeting and sis v costa n i bore our testimonies...well we were joking around wit zinho sis v costa and i and said should get up and bear your testimony! he said...welllllll idont knooow. but he got to thinkin and he really likes 1ne1:20 the last frase and so he said y´kno what, i think i will! mama he got up and he bore his testimony!! it was funny but he lost the page of the scripture when he got up there but he bore his  testimony anyways! he said that the church makes him feel really good and that reading the scriptures makes him feel happy. nossa mama. i was beaming from ear to ear! i really feel like he is one of those people i was sent here for. he already knew the church and other missionaries, but for some reason hes choosing now to make that change in his life. i asked when we could meet him this week and he said well im goin out of town wit some coleguas minha...o que você acha? what do you think i should do? i told him that i didnt think it was a good idea and explained about satan and the week of the baptism, but i said it was his choice. he said ok..iwont go! he is so cool!!!! hes all set to be baptized on saturday!!! gah im so stoked! we just clicked too, were super friends haha he looks a lil like akon...hes a rapper mama but he looks like the jamaican version of akon!

oh so we live under members! they are so funny! but lastnite i was trying to explain hot chocolate to them haha sis king left hot chocolate packets in the fridge and sis v costa wanted me to explain. well i was tryna explain to her and our neighbors about hot chocolate haha it was so funny! they gave us crackers too because we have literally nothing in our house to eat!! we have a sack of oranges too acidic to eat and canela(iforget the word in englis)..CINNAMON!!!....aaand sugar...thats it lol we are so poor haha

i have had experiences here that have really changed my life. i am so grateful to be a sister. its crazy to think my birthday is next week. ive been so super tired too. the other night the neighbors dog was barking ALL NIGHT LONG!!! i couldnt sleep! they dont believe in anything soundproof here so you hear everything!

i love you soooo much!
love sister benedict

ps....yes i dream in portuguese! lol i was doin that in the ctm...but the funny thing about that...i remember the first time i dreamt in port. iwas in the ctm and i woke up and i remember that i couldnt understand a word of what i dreamt hahah but it was in portuguese lol

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