Monday, February 18, 2013


  • here i eat a lot of rice and beans :) and rice and beans! have a dish here called beans n meat with rice and farinha! i absolutely love feijoada! o farinha is like bread crumbs but its not but i love it!!! you sprinkle it on top of the food! but this week was good!!!
  • ZINHO WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!! quarta feira à noite!!! thursday he was baptized and sun received the HG! love that kid!
  • but I dont remember if i told you but for my bday we had fhe with a menos ativo...less active! and she surprised me with carrot cake(in honor of my hair!) and empanada!!! i cried haha i was kinda down on my birthday but ana rita really made up for it!! oh also she saw a pic of dad and woudlnt stop talking about him after haha i think she thought dad was really handsome! i said yupp...thats my daddy :)
  • ps i think ima start doin letters are always so scattered i figured this will be easier for you and me!!!
  • OH! we visited this guy marcio, hes married n weve met him a few times on the street and hes always been drunk. wel we finally went to his house and met his wife n everything( he was plastered cuz he drank the night before) so we tried to talk to them, but we went to visit them the next day. wel we went the next morning n he wasn’t drunk( thank goodness!) but mama it was sooo funny. his brother showed up and his! nieces were there and one of them has 14 years i think, well she is INFATUATED with justin beiber haha she kept askin me, do you live in the same place as him and asking questions about him haha i sang a lil justin beiber for her( eugh!!!) the sacrifices you make for some people sheesh...oh she was filming me too...she was perplexed and sat there with her phone filming me haha i felt like an animal at the zoo!
  • BUT when we were leaving the house of marcio...he grabbed my comp and kissed her on the cheek and before i knew what was goin on he grabbed me n kissed me on the cheek too haha nossa!....oh...well thanks marcio haha 
  • we were teaching a diff ana rita I think it was yesterday and her daughter was SO interested in the church. so we taught them and ana rita already visited the church a year ago and really liked the church and was all set to be baptized and get married, but she heard that we worship satan and that hes an angel and she questioned the missionaries and something to the effect that we do and so she stopped going. i think it was a huge misunderstanding but were teaching them now and i really like their family!!!
  • their nabor has a MONKEY as a pet!! we were teachin them and passed by a man walking a monkey haha here they call them neeko! theyre just lil things nossa! i want to teach him so bad...he has a monkey haha ive always wanted to walk a monkey :)
  • but ive learned a lot this transfer...OH! somethin that happened last nite i thought was funny! we have a family that lives above us(members) and well nobody here has food so everyone, hey do you have food im do you! but sis v costa made a cake of canela...cinnamon! and we wer out on the front porch eatin cake with our nabors last nite haha it was what...9pm! i love our nabors! AND he works at an eye shop so hes got tools that i can fix my glasses im so stoked!
  • everyday this week ive had a desire to come home, na verdade, lol but im so happy to be here! i love the people here in feira 1!!!!
  • this letter is so long and i feel like i have a mountain of things to say..i hope i write it in my journal all the things! but i love you so much! thank you for the pics and all the support!!! i think about yáll every day and how i can be a better daughter and sister. i hope all is well on your side of the world! things here are hot and humid!! oh found 3 worms in our bathroom today...beleza! but love you so much!
love sister benedict :)
ps tell the yw i love them so much and miss them :)....aaaaaaaaaand hope they all serve missions hehe

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