Monday, January 28, 2013


i have soooo much to talk about! nossa!!! so transfers. we left at 2230! I think its the cheapest bus ride to salvador, 8 hr trip! so we got to the rodoviario...the bus station at about 0520 the next morning and waited there for everyone else to get there, about 10am...and we were there until 6pm!!!! then another hr bus ride to our place, Feira da Santana! we are in Feira 1!!! nossa mama its so diff! its a city here, with real roads and cars! my comp is sis v costa! we were in the ctm together! shes great. its so diff shes really pushing me to be more outgoing and myself. i have to be! but its been amazing!!!


we ran into a pastor the other day... talk about difficult. everything we said he cut us off n was blasphemizing!!! it got to the point where i stood up,bore my testimony and we left...we said a prayer first. i couldnt bear the thought of leaving without a prayer. it was so bad mama! my testimony was sure strenghtened that day though!!! the work here well...its hard! everyne already knows aobut the church but doesnt want to go or isnt interested. We are trying to find people to teach!
oh we had 2 weddings! the first one was fillllled with people. The song that she came into was titanic every night in my dreams...that one! and a kid...ok hes 24 and has arms bigger than my legs, but he played the sax...hes sooooo good!...i tooka pic wit him hehe and the other wedding she sang a shania twain song in english!!!

our new house is really quaint,i like it..only 1 thing, we have ants out the wazoo AND cocoroaches! seriously mama we killed a barata and left her there and within 30 min swarmed with lil ants! dont worry i took a pic!
we were teaching the other day and mama ive been talking to everyone! we were teaching the 1st lesson and after i what did i even say! i didnt really have to think about it, i just talked! also i taught gospel principles Sunday. O yah we work in this area santo estrello also, its about a hr away from our house. were trying to get a branch out there.they only have about 13 members! we go there every thursday and every other sunday! but i taught about arbitrio...iforget the name in!!! but talkin about that. and I really learned that its so important that we have our agency. its one of the only ways we can show our love and willingness to serve and follow jesus cristo! We always invite our investigators to act and use their agency, why? to demonstrate their love for the savior and for them to strengthen their testimonies!!!
things that happened this week:
1. fed a monkey bread
2. saw a herd of lil pigs in the street by our house
3. got peed on today at the feiraguay
4. taught gospel principles
5....faught with a pastor!
6...icant remember! lots happened!
let me explain number 3. we went to feiraguay, which is like a fair. have somany people selling stuff and you go and buy stuff. well i was walking and this guy walked past me and got water on my arm..i thought it was water but i smelt was pee!! he peed on me mama!!! it was disgusting! welcome to feira1 haha


 idk what else happpened.. i have to get used to things, but im lovin it here. i can already tell ive grown alot, i have to depend on the lord more. oh i have the same address, it will be the same the whole mission. its the address for the mission office! i feel like i have more to say but cant remember!!
i love you so much!!!!
sister benedict


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