Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 i have a mountain of things i want to share with you!!! i really want to send pics but the computer here...well...doesnt like america  I think haha but anyways didnt have baptizm saturday. zinho fugiu...er he..idk how to say this in english!!! but we were all set for him and he didnt show up. we were waitin and waitin for him but he didnt show up. it was weird because i wasnt all broken over it!! ithink i was more sad that he wasnt baptized but i wasnt so distraught over it. we got ahold of him sunday and he was outa town for carnaval! nossa mae! everybodys in salvador for carnaval! yesterday we tried to email and went downtown....not a soul in sight! 

oh spiritual thing that happened yesterday! sunday night i prayed for a present from god! i prayed for a  miracle to happen on my bday...well mama we were downtown waiting for other elders to  show up and we saw!!! JOSE!! he was a person we were teaching and teaching and he disappeared too! we put a date on him too and he disappeared. well we were waitin downtown and we saw him! talked to him a little bit,man hes had a rough life. he was at a party sat nite and hada bullet wound! but we talked to him and really hope hes at the baptizm of zinho tomorrow!!!! i have so much to tell but nowhere to start!!


im feeling more myself here. Im feeling more happy and filled with love, my comp and i work together and its good. nossa mama we had fhe with a less active yesterday and they made me a cake and sang to me. mama these people have nothing and yet they did this for me. i love these people so much! and nosso ld got me a hat and drew me something haha it was a good day!

i love this work so much! im making so many friends and i feel myself growing and learning every single day! i cried when i saw the pic of my car being taken away..black beauty finally is gone! How sad

but i love you so much. thank you for the letters and thank the ward for asking about me and caring! love you tona

love sister benedict

i still have a little time. I want to write so much but im at the same computer that has a problem with the space bar and its kinda annoying! our district leaders are frightous! aha they r supercool. one of them elder garnier looks like a teddy bear. I forget the name of the movie but its an animated movie about teddy bears, its a classic but he looks like a teddy bear...

thanks a ton!

love you

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