Monday, February 25, 2013



It was  a good week! we had a baptism!! amanda! she has 9 years and is a darling!!! i only have 10 min to write! sis v costa only wanted to stay on 30 min! but the baptism was so good! shes a kid of a less active family(the same fam that gave me cake for my bday!) um the week was hard for work, plans kept falling and my comp was super focused on transfers.


this week i got to hold a lil monkey!! again   I want to send pics but the computer doesnt have a place to put my card.  the new transfer is tomorrow and i really wana work and we have some people here that are so awesome!! sorry this is a mess of a letter, my mind is in 25 diff places today!!

iv been reading in nefi...first part again because i finished the ldm the other week. but ive been reading about lehi and nefi just the faith that nefi had and his obedience and example. i really am grateful that i was brought up in the church. the church here is new and its young! its rare to find whole families here in the church. thank you so much for your support, thank the ward and thank everyone!!
lvoe you sooooo much!

love sis benedict




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