Monday, July 22, 2013


also ominhanossa! we baptized this lady, ana...haha I dont even know where to start with her. Shes got depression and is so preocupied with her kids and she actualy stopped us on the road and begged us to visit her kids. Well she was baptized Sunday! and I was sooo stressed cuz she was freakin out that she had to wait until after church and then she tried to leave like 10 times during church. I don’t even remember anything that anyone said or talked about haha oyah I also sang in myself....unknowing beforehand haha the other sisters were wainting for their baptizm outside and sis grundvig wanted to play the I sang all by myself. I was NOT prepared for that lol and then at the baptizm we sang and I played guitar! I played that song so fast cuz I was so anxious because ana was so anxious to leave haha nossa this week was so funny!

Its crazy how a clean house invites the spririt so much!!! We cleaned the house today and I was so happy!! oh mama I made bread again today! its sooo delicioious. and funny story i was thinkin about tiesh and how she burned the bread so bad and she didnt even know how to make bread and how I made bread perfectly bla bla bla......I forgot I was baking bread. Burned it black hahahahahahahahha but it was only a lil bit!!! I already made more!

This week was super stressful but it was such a good week. I have never been miore tired in my life! Today we spent a major part of the day in our house! I didnt even get to take a nap but thats okay! ummmm idk what else happened, so much I dont even know what to say!

But anyways love you so much and its crazy to think I’m already almost at 11 months!! Its going by so stinkin fast!!! I love my life, I love this gospel and I love the people here.....and mashed potatoes! soooooo goood! send everyone my love and my smell!!....(its a brasilian thing!)

love love love love love you!!

sister benedict


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