Monday, July 15, 2013


 I don't even know where to begin. I am just so filled with happiness and love right now. we actually just got done buying a ton of food! im so happy haha but its funny cuz nobody here has cars so they have wheel barrels for those who buy tons of food and cant carry  it all home! so we paid him to wheel barrel our food home hehe I love brazil!  we were able to bring people to church this week and we brought a less active and his brother who's not a member. were guna work with him this week, we baptized his brother and his mom! im so stoked! I love less actives! also the other dupla are going to baptized a reference we passed for them, lucas! love him so much too!!!! oh did I mention that we reactivated  guy who's got 30 years and he's obsessed with America. but yah....anyways! its so cool to hear about the genealogy. I love it!!! we actually had an experience with indexing! I understand it now because I never did it at home I think I looked at the program 1 time! but we went to the fórum..I don't know how to say it in English! but we went there to get papers of the birth of people who live in Salvador. well its this room with a buncha books! and every person here has a paper with their full names, their parents full names and then a buncha numbers! these numbers are how they find you in these big books! all it is is a book with names and a date!! its so cool! I felt like I went back in time! but when we help people get baptized and do indexing, we are helping them not be lost forever! think about it! all these people that came to America wrote their names in a book. its the only record that we have that some people exist....when we do indexing, we are saving them from being forgotten! idk it was a humbling experience for me!

I miss girls camp!!!! and mama when I heard light of Christ I thought about preach my gospel! chapter 4 talks all about the spirit! everyone has the light of Christ...everyone has the potential to this! this is how people learn that the church is true! man I don't even know how to explain it but there are so many people that ask us why were so happy! its because we aren't bogged down with all the questions of this life! we have hope and joy! we know where were going after this life! we pray, we don't recite psalms! the gift to have the light of Christ is given to all of us, but to really use it we need the gift of the spirit!!! were all children of our heavenly father! we all have this light! we just need to know how to turn it on haha but anyways! love you so much


sister benedict

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