Monday, June 24, 2013


so I dont even know where to start right now. already have transfers!!! its crazy how time is flying by! but were staying here in serrinha!!! and i found out theres going to be another dupla of sisters!!!! im not exactly sure how i feel about that. im kinda nervous. i havent  been in a house with other sisters before so idk how its guna be. but were needing more people here, the area is super grande! its são joão here! its another holiday, or really another reason to party haha they throw partys here like no other!! everyone for são joão make fires in front of the house, play with fireworks and cook meat!! haha omylanta sexta...friday! friday we had a dance at the church. and everyone brought cake. it was cake of every type and it was sooo good.  i didnt leave the table haha i ate SO much that i was kinda sick the next 2 days (oops!)

but we werent able to grab anyone for church cuz i couldnt really walk. so it was kinda rough. but the work here is going slower than id like. we watched the fireside. we went to another city about an hr away because they werent broadcasting it at the church. I dont think anyone from our ward watched it. i miss the temple so much!

but despite everything  my comp, my kid is teaching me so much. she is so much better than me, so much more humble and willing! i really learn so much from her. i want to be more like her!!! i feel like im having a midlife crisis right now haha halfway thru the mission an you think about all these things you wish you woulda done before and all this stuff. and man i am so stressed out haha its so stressful to be senior or train on the mish


I dont even know what to say! the work is going, its stressful right now but its going!!! thank you so much for not forgetting about me! things are a lil challenging right now but i know that the Lord knows what Hes doing and we just need to confide and trust in him!!!

i love you so much and thank yall so much for everything!!!

love you so much

sister benedict


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