Monday, June 10, 2013


omygosh im bawling and i dont even know why. we just got done eating lunch with an investigator/friend of ours. people here are just  i have never seen a people who are so willing to give everything to you. this guy, wilix, paid for our lunch and wouldn’t even let us pay or anything. also he gave us guitar pics. i know that sounds like nothing, but he gave me his very first pick( hes in a rock band) that hes had for 9 years and gave my comp the pick that his dead brother gave him. i was filled with so much gratitude. he also said that he doesn’t like our church because they send people from other places and come to here, make friends help people then leave. He asked if we ever thought that what we were doing was inhumane!!! he was kidding but i really got thinking, nossa! never really thought about that! but in a way its so true haha this week has been a really good week for us. we had a baptism! but i feel so...humbled right now. idk im still thinking about what welix and us talked about!

 we met the kid 3 days ago. the mission has been the hardest thing to do in my life. but now its a different kind of hard, before it was the language, or the schedule, or the work. now its hard when you really se apagar com alguém....idk how to translate you really get attached to people in a way that you really want to help them, but dont know how. or know that you may never see them again in this life. its really humbling to think about, something that hasnt really crossed my mind till now. and to think that 9months has already passed, its so strange for me.

  were working so hard here in serrinha, and i love my companiion so much. she has been such a blessing in my life. and i thank the lord every day for her. i feel like i dont deserve all of these blessings, actually i dont even feel like i deserve to be a missionary. but i know that i am in the right place. that the lord needs me to be here. i am so la! the mission has really opened my eyes and maybe one day ill be able to explain it.

   i know that my redeemer lives. i know that god lives and i know that jesus cristo lives too! i dont have a shadow of a doubt that this church is true. i know that i am not perfect, really im the furthest thing from it. but im here because i believe the atonement works! i feel like people here think that were so perfect and never done anything wrong and dont understand. oxê! i tell them if they only knew haha but i really dont know what else to say.

  this week was so good. i feel like im working harder than any other time in the mish. im tryna be a good example for my comp and really help the people here. i feel like this is the place im most attached to so far! i love this town. its more interior and its the city of the cowboy haha but i love it here!!!! i love yall so much. im so grateful to know that this life isnt the end. this brings most joy in my life!!!

with all my love

sis b

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