Monday, April 1, 2013


so many things happened this week and i dont even know where to start. the work still is super rough and sis stewart and i got a lil disheartened but we had some people at church and were guna focus on them this week!! we had a conf da missao in salvador on friday! it was sooo good to see everyone(almost!) i sang with another elder and another elder played the piano!!  i dont really know what to say! we didnt really have an easter!!! everyone here buys chocolate eggs kaka so i bought sis stewart a choc egg!  i feel like this transfers been really hard to focus, i didnt like it. i looooove my comp sis stewart but ifeel like this transfer was a lil more difficult to focus. so i hope the next i can be more focused. were gettin 4-5 new sisters so looks like ima train OR finish training. its guna be interesting this next transfer!
sis b

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