Monday, April 22, 2013


It’s been raining here the past few days and it really makes me think of home!!!! I’ve even had to use a lil cardigan here, its suprising haha

    I love my new comp. shes a doll! the work has been slow here still. man feira is tough for me. we met some awesome people but nobody wants to go to church. i really don't know why its soooooooooooooooooooo hard for people to go to church!

     oh before i forget yes we can write almost whoever we want! So you can give my friends my email and whoever else wants it!!!

we had interviews with the president on Friday, i love the prez so much. i feel his love for us so strong and i always want to to do better after i talk to him haha we were talking a lot about opening a new area, we go to this lil city in Santa estevao every Thursday and now Saturday. they don't have a capela nem nada la!! mas eu acho que esta transferencia que vem vai abrir pelas sisteres!! oop´s talkin portuguese! um i really don't have much to tell. not much happened this week.

     it’s been slow and frustrating, but i know that the lord is preparing people for us!

I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot this week. the scriptures really know how to chastise a person and the same time lift them up.   lol i really don’t have too much time today. this computer is really getting on my nerves. its super slow and really....augh!!!   We went to a diff area today and had a bbq but on the way back there were all these lil ants....ok they were HUGE! rain here makes everything so much bigger.

but all these little kids were playing with these ants...eugh! i cant even log on to email the president :( but anyways i love it here! i love the people and love the language and love being a missionary(even when its so stinkin hard!)

   Tell everyone thanks for the support, im really needing it right now. idk its been rough these past few weeks for me.  But things are looking up. we have a baptism set for this week and really guna focus on him!

love sister benedict



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