Monday, March 25, 2013


   ok so this letter is going to be a bagunca....como sempre MAS!...oyah english! I am so good.  I love my comp I love bein a missionary I love my life! só coisa....Yesterday we had 8 people at church! so this week is going to be a week of power!!! umm...I really dont now what to say. We met a drug traffiker who was rollin maryjane in front of us haha i found it kinda funny. but it made me really sad because he gives it to the kids here. we met a kid 15 yrs and he said hed be baptized and all this, well we found him smokin maryjane the other day because of the drug traffiker. it really makes ya think.

We met a lady who dreamt about her parents and her brother. she asked us if we believe in spirits!! well it was so funny we were talkin about the temlple n doing baptisms...well she said for us to tell them to leave her alone haha she doesnt want to be bothered by them.
ummmmmmmm we met a 50 yr old man whos with a 25 yr old woman who doesnt like the law of chasity!  we were teachin him the law and he said we need to cut this law! libertação para todos 
pictures, pictures and pictures! the bolo...the cake! A family in santa estevão surprised me witht his cake! it was for my bday but i cried! i thought it was for their daughter! they recorded everything but they made it for me! they are soooo sweet!!!!
I really dont have much to say! I know the lord hears our prayers and I know the lord is always looking out and protecting us! I know that hard work here isnt always walking until your feet bleed, but its being patient and calm and happy and loving! sometimes the hard work here is waiting and hoping! I  love my Savior so much and so grateful for all that he has done for me!
thank you for everything!
sister benedict
story about the moustaches real quick! vitoria asked me why americans all have fotos with bigodis(moustache)and i said idk its the moda!! i said that by the time its popular here well be doin sum else haha so we drew mustaches and took pics haha it was super funny!

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