Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 i feel like the mission is flying by, i dont have time to do anything haha i dont even have time to think!! but life here is great!!! im trying to at least send 1 pic but its not working...im a lil frustrated :( i give up!!! one day youll see my pics haha i know that people here put pics up on facebook! i forgot to have someone watch my facebook..owell! but anyways this week was interesting, it was a rough week, but at the same time it was a great week. i got sick!! i tried liver here and açai and pizza and ate salgados the same day haha my stomach didnt like me after that! i spend the night throwing up and all day tuesday sleeping and throwing up! not fun, but sis stewart is so awesome! we get along great and shes just like me haha its great we joke around and have a great relationship!! and actually mama its super hard to speak english! we were talkin with a member here who knows english and i think he speaks better than i do in english lol wel say phrases or words in english but we talk portugese lol its more easier!!! but this week has been hard to find people progressing, we havent had any leads this week and so the work has been a lil frustrating, but we had stake conf yesterday and a few peoploe came to church so were guna work with them this week, im confident thayr guna get baptized!!
im perfecting my cookies here too!  i made peanut butter cookies for our lds and omylanta mama they LOVed them haha
oh miracle that happened...ive been praying every  day to find zinho, hes been super busy and he broke his phone. well yesterday night, the last possible chance i could have found him, he showed up after stake conf!!!! we were all standin around outside and i was talkin to the elders and he popped outa nowhere!! mama i about cried i was so happy!! there are few guys here that i just wana hug..mama i just wana hug him haha i almost did yesterday i was so hapy. if he is the only person here on the mission that i was supposed to come for, it was worth it. hes going to be a friend for life!! but he was goin to eat at a restaurant but it was closed so he decided to pass by the church! he didnt go to church today because he lost 50,000$ playing the  lottery haha idiot lol but hes great!! hes goin to serve a mission and omylanta ur guna meet him one day, i can feel it!
i feel like theres a challenege every transfer and the struggle this transfer has been finding people to teach, but i believe that you can baptize every transfer and i really do believe that your attitude affects everything! I wish i had pics to send :( one day haha but i love yall so much and so grateful for the support!  i still have such a strong desire to get married haha idk why now all of a sudden, but its kinda annoying lol

beijos e abraços
sister benedict


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