Monday, March 18, 2013


This week has been rough for us! we havent found anyone thats really progressing! we found a kid who said he wants to be baptized but he wasnt at church sunday!!! yesterday was one of the hardest days here! nothing we were doing was right. we tried to grab vitor to go to church. we had amanda to get confirmed. we went to their house and it was a fight! amanda was throwing a fit and throwing things and her mom was yelling at her. the 2 other kids said theyve left the church because the other night at seminary they got in a huge fight with another kid from the church!!! ave maria!! this week was SUPER stressful! none of our investigators were at church and well yall heard about murphy right and his law haha well yesterday definly was one of those days BUT i learned a lot this week. i learned that its so important to have support from the ward and the leadership! i learned that the church here is still so new and sometimes we have to take people by the hand(literally) and help them. i learned that dispite everything i just have an overwhelming love for people! ive also thought alot about the savior and the life he had! i think man...i dont think ida been able to do what He did. the sacrifice he paid for us! yesterday i was taking the sacrament and just balling. the week was hard and i was really lookin forward to the sacrament! its my reboost for the week! i thought alot about the atonement yesterday and the savior and how he acted in situations like this and the love and charity he still had!
im so grateful to be here mama. its super hard, but it super worth it! ive perfected my cookies and i eat a ton of cookies lol
oh i sent a buncha pics! i forget what i sent but i think i have the baptism of cintia and my comp and one of the zone! we all matched at our conferencia de zona! my idea hehe  ummm i think thats pretty much been my week!
oh i have a pic of me eating mango...we had a pday and played volleyball! i was sooo tired mama but we came back and i ate a mango! haha ithought..oyes im deff in brasil :)
love you
sister benedict





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