Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nov 13,2012

 i cant believe the dedication is here! omylanta im so stoked!!! things here are, better!! i still have a big problem with the mosquitos but i found a pair of pants here at the apt. and i wear those at night with 3 fans haha they still seem to find my flesh, though!! today on my list of things to buy is mosquito repelente, a mosquito net, and some leggings that arent so hot! i am definently learning patience here. i still feel like i am not working as hard as i can be, so its a little frustrating! but i am learning to just love people, my trainer sis namura is really teaching me about focusing on people. i reall respect her for that! as far as the language, well its coming. its stil frustrating because i feel like i cant communicate how i really want to, but i know that will come with time! i also realized that when i read my scriptures first in the morning, especially in portugese, i can understand more and speak a little better! so thats my goal this week, read the scriptures in portuguese first thing every morning!!!

sooooo, we have 4 people set for baptism this week! we thought we were going to have 2 last week, but they decided this week and i am soooo beyond stoked!!! the Lord truly prepares people. one kid, daniel, is 16 years old and his sister was baptized a few weeks ago (dani i love her!) he came to church with her last sunday and is already living the gospel basically!

also elineide (istill dont know how to spell her name) but she really wants an eternal family so its been really sweet to teach her. i just love her too. i still feel like theres a huge language barrier, but she is such a sweetheart and just so receptive!!!

also a couple that just got legally married after a loooong time (which is rare in brasil!) other missionaries have worked with them forever! so they are all set for sat! im so stoked gah!!!

its hot here, but i really dont mind it. i feel the most energy and the happiest when im walking in the heat and actually doing work! i know that prayers are heard, i know that the Lord is always watching over us. one of my favorite pictures is the Savior holding the lamb. there is so much symbolism in this pic, but i feel like that lamb being held in the Saviors arms, and quite frankly, there is nowhere else i would rather be than the arms of the Savior. I have been tested and tried so much already, but i know the lord is shaping me and i know the lord is strengthening me in every single step! the people here are prepared, that goes without saying! i just need to have more faith in people and more faith in myself!

thank you for all of your support!!! i love you so much!!!

sister benedict
oh ps it rained here last week! 1st time in a year its rained!!!!! it was a downpour. seriously we were sooo soaked, i didnt have a dry spot on me to wipe off my glasses haha and we had to hike our skirts up to cross the road!!! they even let out schoool because it was raining haha i loved it! it was so much fun!!!!
love sis be

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