Tuesday, November 27, 2012



hopefuly you get this pic...far left is the bishop. girl next to me is dani she was baptized before i got there shes the daughter of enilda and the brother of daniel(far right) who we baptized semana pasada who is also the son of enilda!!! love this family so much!

  im so glad to see yall still celebrated thanksgiving there! i forgot that it was even november haha im sad because thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!!!



we had a baptism this week!!!! irmã Enilda! she is the mom of 13 kids!!! talk about a handful! MÁS! shes the mom of the kid we baptized last week, daniel! they realy are a special family. they seriously have nothing. they live in a little shack basicaly. it really has been humbling to see the living quarters of some of these people out here. it sure makes you appreciative of the things you have. speaking of...we didnt have any water lastnight!!! sis oliveira was able to take a shower, but after that..acabo! we didnt have any water so i used the ice water in the fridge and a hand towel for a bath....yay brasil!!! lol im so glad i dont have to do that every night!!! oh speaking of no water..back to enilda! so its the morning of sunday, Bday(baptism day) and we get to church and find out that there isnt enough water to fill the font to have a baptism!!...your joking right...que bom! so we freak out, naturally aha. but turned out a member has a pool!...oyah we baptized in the pool! the elder who baptized her was super elated..i got pictures! lol a lil group of us missionaries sang at the baptism. its become a tradition that i always sing a solo in english lol i really dont mind it! i love singing!!!


i am sooo tired! the past 3 mornings we had to get up at 0500 to take sis oliveira to the church(25-30min walk) so she could catch a ride to take a test to get into college. it was a 3day thing and o man im soooo tired!!!but its good..im a missionary lol i have extra help! oh so yesterday we lost sis oliveira!! we dropped her off for her test and usually she comes back around 1pm...well 330-4 rolls around...5pm. we were in casa doing our weekly planning and still shes not here! so we decided to call the district leader and called her friend she was with and nobodys seen her. they end up coming to get us and we go to the faculdade about a 35 min car drive and shes nowhere. we get back and decided to walk to a members house down the street..seriously down the street...and she was there! shes been waiting there since 230pm!!!!! she got on the wrong onibus and by the time she got in town she decided to just wait. she didnt have our number to call. idk why she didnt even stop by the house..its beyond me lol it was funny but man i dont want to have to do that again!!!


ive been trying to study more the christlike attributes and i want to show more love and charity, i want to be more humble and patient. thats realy been my biggest trial here i think. i have to be so patient in every aspect!!! especially when my comp says were going to leave at a certain time and we actually dont leave until an hour later...i was never one for sititng around! so i decided that every time i wait, im going ot read my scriptures...let me tell you, i have a lot read haha


i love you so much!

im trying to send pics!!!!

love love love love love love love

sister benedict!!!
ps cant wait to talk to you next month gaaaah!
pss i am in love with the sky out here! its absolutely beautiful!!!! and the moon! omylanta i love it!!! i love the nights here!

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