Monday, February 17, 2014



SO..........weddings are STRESSFUL!!!!!!! omylanta! we had a wedding on Thursday and their party on Saturday. They got married in the fórum. All was set for them to get married on Saturday, well Friday night, Almir said he doesnt wana get married and that its too early bla bla bla...mama my heart broke! cuz Nil said she wouldnt get baptized without him. We had EVERYTHING ready for them with their baptizm and surprise party. It was a rough night for Sis Enrique and I. BUT all in all they still went to Jaciras house and we had like a lil fhe and then after Nil decided that she was still guna get baptized!!! 


There is SO much that happened, from stealing her wedding dress to finding roses in the trash haha but I’m sure I’ll tell you all this when I get home!


Just know that prayer really works! The Lord is mindful of ALL his children and I am so grateful for this. I know that Almir is going to get baptized, but his "friends" are putting a lot of doubt in his heart...grrr friends!!! is pday and I think were guna be able to relax today and not travel...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! (super stoked about that!) 


I love you so much!!! Sorry I don’t have much to say but this week was stressful, stressful, and stressful!!! and ended up with a miracle baptism!!!! 


OH! they surprised me with a cake at the reception! I had no idea. aie todo mundo everyone sang to me and surprised me!!! hahaha it was cute!!!



I love this work so much mama!!!!!

I love youuuuuuu

is benedict




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