Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Well this week was...rough! transfers happened and well frankly, everything has changed haha my new comp is from argentina and shes such a doll. she moved everything around in the house and is suuuuper organized. lol also I felt like this week was just a blah week for me. but it always is the first part of the transfer. 


oh i got the box you sent about 5 years ago!! thanks so much for your testimonies!


christmas is coming...its makin me a lil homesick! lol i think cuz its so close to when im coming home i get a lil anxious! but after the holiday ill be great!!! I love this area so much and so grateful im here!! sorry i dont have much to report on here!..its getn hot!


I love you, lol tell the family i love them

love sis benedict!

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